Top Ten Transferred Defenders in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Posted December 20th at 12:00am.

Throughout the holidays, FIFA 14 will be highlighting interesting bits of information on players and clubs in the game. Today, we look at the top ten transferred defenders in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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#10 Kévin Constant (Guinea) – AC Milan (Serie A)

While Constant doesn’t stand out with his Skills, his physical abilities make him a strong defender. With 87 Stamina, 84 Sprint Speed, 82 Acceleration and 82 Strength, those who use the flanks will benefit from this leftback’s athleticism and stability.

#9 Martín Cáceres (Uruguay) – Juventus (Serie A)

The 26-year old Uruguayan defender is a solid choice for the backline. His 92 Jumping allows him to get the leg up on other players in the air and with 84 Marking, Sliding and Standing Tackles and 83 Interceptions, Cáceres is an absolute wall on the backline.

#8 Jérôme Boateng (Germany) – Bayern München (Bundesliga)

Boateng fits the mold of the dependable defender. His 86 Strength and 82 Aggression supplement his 83 Sliding and 81 Standing Tackles. Strikers going one-on-one against Boetang will struggle to keep the ball against him.

#7 Younès Kaboul (France) – Tottenham Hotspur (Barclays Premier League)

Having 92 Shot Power is impressive enough for a defender, but that’s not all Kaboul can bring to a club. His 86 Strength, 84 Aggression and 81 Jumping make him a great player to have on the backline to clear the ball and commence a counterattack. And if he gets close to goal, he can let one rip.

#6 Pepe (Portugal) – Real Madrid (La Liga)

The popular Real Madrid defender’s 92 Aggression, 85 Interceptions and 83 Strength complement his 92 Sliding Tackle and 86 Standing Tackle quite well. Good luck keeping the ball on his side of the pitch.

#5 Kieran Gibbs (England) – Arsenal (Barclays Premier League)

Gibbs is an excellent choice for those looking for a speedy leftback, His 84 Sprint Speed and 83 Acceleration can be deadly on the counterattack. And if your club has a strong striker ready in the box, have Gibbs and his 80 Crossing set you up for a goal.

#4 Laurent Koscielny (France) – Arsenal (Barclays Premier League)

Arsenal’s Koscielny is an aerial threat with 81 Heading and 90 Jumping. But with his 83 Marking, 82 Sliding Tackle and 86 Standing Tackle, he can also cause problems for attackers looking to get into the box on the ground.

#3 Angelo Ogbonna (Italy) – Juventus (Serie A)

The Italian Ogbonna is an excellent defensive choice. His 85 Strength, 84 Marking, 81 Sliding Tackle and 84 Standing tackle, means that strikers will have to take long shots to have any chance of getting a ball on net.

#2 Ignazio Abate (Italy) – AC Milan (Serie A)

Don’t let the 78-rating of Abate fool you. He is one of the fastest defenders in Italy, with 91 Acceleration, 94 Sprint Speed and 94 Stamina. Those who love to play the wings can take great advantage of what this fleet-footed defender has to offer.

#1 Felipe Augusto Santana (Brazil) – FC Schalke 04 (Bundesliga)

FC Schalke 04’s Felipe Santana is the most popular defender thanks in large part to his 90 Heading Accuracy. Combined with his 80 Jumping, this Brazilian is great at clearing crosses out of the box or heading the ball into the back of the net.


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