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Discover Xbox One features

Pro Instincts

All 22 players on the pitch possess the intelligence to anticipate and react instinctively to the play around them with human-like reaction times, just like world class footballers.
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Living Worlds

FIFA 14 will have stunning accuracy and visuals. The world inside the stadium comes alive as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch.
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Precision Movement

With 10 times more animation depth and detail, players now plant, pivot and cut, change direction and shift their momentum with the agility and explosiveness of elite athletes.

Elite Technique

Harnessing the power next gen consoles, FIFA 14 delivers hundreds of new skills and behaviours, including side volleys, first-time screamers, off-balance shots, touch passes , and panic turns when defenders are beaten.
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Ultimate Team Legends

Craft your ultimate dream team with a mix of 40 legendary players—including Pelé—competing alongside today’s football stars. Each Legend may be found in all packs that generate Rare Gold Items in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.
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In-Air Play

For the first time ever, multiple players cab contest a ball in the air simultaneously. Timing, decision-making and the right touch are crucial as players utilise different types of headers to find the back of the net.
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Score Great Goals

Enjoy great buildup with innovations like Protect the Ball, Teammate Intelligence, Variable Dribble Touches and then unleash the perfect strike with Pure Shot.