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Posted March 27th at 12:00am.

EA SPORTS UFC is in its final stages of development and we can’t wait to get it into your hands. Periodically, Creative Director Brian Hayes will be taking a break from tuning and polishing armbars and knockouts to respond to some questions from our community.

All the questions below were taken directly from EA SPORTS UFC’s social channels and represent some of the most frequently-inquired-about topics. You asked, we’re answering.

What is the takedown mechanic? Is it a shine, button mashing, or just something that is left up to stats/timing?

Takedown attempts are performed by holding the left trigger and performing a gesture with the right stick. The fighter’s ratings will determine how quickly the defender has to react in order to defend the takedown. There is no button-mashing or shining.

How many possible KO animations are there? Is it possible to KO someone from any position in the octagon?

There are some ground positions where a KO isn’t possible, for example, if you are postured down in full guard you’re not going to be getting enough power on your strikes to put somebody out. And some positions in the clinch, for example if you have double unders, you’re not going to KO your opponent with knees to the legs or shoulder shots.

Does every single submission have to go through a multi stage mini game or are there such things as I guess "flash" submissions?

Every submission goes through some stages – the number of stages can vary.

Will the stamina system prevent people from abusing highlight reel moves over and over (for example: the showtime kick, cartwheel kick, Cain slam)?

They will still be able to attempt them, but low stamina will make them slower and easier to defend.

Explanation in detail how the parry system works?

Holding the right trigger is a simple block that will give you some protection against any incoming attacks. The longer you turtle up like this, the less effective it becomes. Holding the right trigger and pressing a punch button will block high, or pressing a kick button will block low. These blocks will give you almost 100% protection against attacks in those respective regions. If you perform a high or low block with the right timing, properly anticipating or reacting to your opponent’s incoming strike, then you will perform a parry which will give you a chance to counter.               

Just how detailed are fighter stats? Fight night had a stat for every strike. Can we expect certain fighters to be good at an armbar but not as good with triangles or kimuras? Will Johnny Hendricks right hook be as good as his left straight?

We broke submissions down into choke submissions and joint submissions and there are independent stats for each arm and leg, but not every strike type. With the number of strike types and submissions in the game, that would be a very cumbersome attribute system. It was different on Fight Night when we only had to worry about 3 types of punches.

Will there be Online championship belts?

You can win belts in online play, yes.

Can you use angles in movement while striking?

Yup. You can dodge left and right to avoid an incoming attack and then counter pretty quickly from that angled position.

How does defending against takedowns work?

The controls are to hold the right trigger and pull down on the right stick when you see your opponent attempting a takedown. The fighter’s attributes affect how big of a window the defender has to react. As does setting up a takedown attempt with a strike, or timing it for when the opponent is throwing a strike themselves.

A lot of people here are disappointed with the leg kicks in this game. They are apparently saying the kicks don’t look powerful enough. Are there claims true or not?

That’s kind of subjective. And confusing, since people haven’t really seen any of the leg kicks in this game yet. There are a variety of leg kick animations in the game and I know that I wouldn’t enjoy taking any of them in real life.

Will there be a variety of backgrounds for CAFs such as Judo, Karate, Sambo etc?

Yup. There are a variety of styles to choose from in Create Fighter.

Can we record highlights and put them as a video to the background in the menus? Or is it just those cool pictures…

It’s just those cool pictures. But the PS4 and XB1 both feature Game DVR capabilities that allow you to record and share stuff. Also, any highlight reel generated in an online match automatically gets uploaded to a feature we call UFC Spotlight. You can go there to view your own highlights, your friends highlights and everyone’s highlights.

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