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EA SPORTS UFC - Fight Plan: Defeating a Submission Artist

Posted June 26th at 12:00am.

When it comes to MMA, styles often make fights. EA SPORTS UFC is no different.

Fighters exhibit a variety strengths and weaknesses every time they step into the Octagon, and as a future UFC Hall of Famer, it’s your job to know how to exploit them. Any style can be neutralized as long as you approach it with the right fight plan.

How to Defeat: A Submission Artist

Going up against Ronda Rousey, Demian Maia or Royce Gracie and want to avoid getting your joints hyperextended? Check out this tutorial put together by our friend IPod King Carter and dive in below for a breakdown of all the key takeaways.


Keys to the Fight

1. Stand and Bang

If your opponent is strong on the ground it makes sense for you to be strong on your feet. Don’t swing wildly. Pick your shots and brush up on your defense. If you make ‘em miss, you can make ‘em pay – and since the goal is to keep the fight standing, you can start working your way towards that big KO.

Learn – Striking Defense

2. Mix it Up

Don’t be a one-dimensional striker. In the video, you can see IKC mixing it up. Never too many headshots, never too many body/leg shots. Alternate between going upstairs and downstairs while using modified strikes to add power and keep your opponent guessing.

Learn – Striking Offense

3. Solid D

Defend takedowns and ground transitions to keep the fight where you want it. They’re going to try and take you down so be ready for it and stuff them on their attempts and stay standing. If it does go to the ground, defense is key.

Don’t just throw strikes from your back. Block punches and block transitions while keeping an eye out for advanced transitions yourself. If you’re stuck, don’t just lie there eating punches. Block a few to create an opening and then use that opening to advance transition with L1/LB and a quarter turn of the right stick for the reversal or the chance to stand up.

Remember – when you’re on the ground, you’re in their world, so consider getting back to your feet even if you’re in the dominant position.

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4. Become an Escape Artist

A submission artist can put you in danger whether they’re in the dominant or submissive position, so chances are you’ll have to escape at least one submission over the course of your bout. You might as well have a strategy.

When using the Right Stick to escape, as with striking, always mix it up! Like IKC says, if you’re trying to escape from the left gate of the Submission Hub, don’t just go left – attempt your escape in threes – move UP, DOWN and then hold LEFT until you get stopped, then go DOWN, UP and LEFT again until you finally escape.

Learn – Submission Defense

5. Stamina, Stamina, Stamina

Paying attention to stamina, picking your shots and fighting smart in EA SPORTS UFC is what separates mixed martial artists from street brawlers.  

Punch like crazy and gas out on your feet and even a submission artist can KO you. Even if they don’t they’ll at least have an easier time taking you to the ground and you might not have enough left in the tank to defend the submission. Stamina allows you to stay in control – even over someone stronger in certain areas of the fight.

Figuring out the rhythm of a good fight is a big part of learning how to win. Check out IPod King Carter’s video above to see what we mean.

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