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EA SPORTS UFC Pre-Alpha Gameplay Reveal at gamescom

Posted August 19th at 12:00am.

Earlier this year at E3, EA SPORTS UFC revealed the set of gameplay features. While the development process is still months away from Alpha (which is a very early checkpoint in game development that is followed by months of polish and review), the team is happy to provide a peek at those features in action.

Using the power of  the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, here is the first look at EA SPORTS UFC Gameplay. Feel the Fight inside the UFC® OctagonTM like never before as Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson square off ahead of their bout at UFC 165 in Toronto, Canada:

Feel the Fight

Gamers can Feel the Fight in EA SPORTS UFC, which means bringing characters to life using the most realistic Fighter Likeness ever delivered, combined with a new facial animation system that communicates aggression, pain, fatigue, excitement and awareness.

Fighters will also move around the OctagonTM with a real sense of weight and momentum while utilizing an enormous variety of strikes. Precision Movement, an all-new locomotion system, prevents the fighters from sliding or floating across the surface of the OctagonTM and makes Dynamic Striking more impactful by allowing the fighters to firmly plant their feet and deliver authentic power transfer in every strike.

Full-Body Deformation, an all-new, full-character, collision deformation system ensures that the fighter’s flesh moves and displaces in real time. Finally, Real-Time Exertion allows for real-time vein-popping, skin discoloration, muscle flex, as well as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of each round. You will witness the effort it takes to be one of the best fighters in the world.  Both of these features are showcased in the gameplay reveal above.

Powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE technology, EA SPORTS UFC lets you Feel the Fight as the action, emotion, and intensity inside the Octagon™ are brought to life in ways that were never before possible in a video game. The next generation of mixed martial arts fighting begins Spring of 2014 when EA SPORTS UFC is released for the Xbox One® and the PlayStation®4. 

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