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EA SPORTS Rory McilRoy PGA TOUR Feature Overview: Night Club Challenge

Posted June 16th at 1:00pm.

Written by EA SPORTS Rory McIlRoy PGA TOUR Designer, Christian Brandt (@Brandt3d)

The Night Club Challenge is an all-new way to experience golf in EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR.

The Night Club is not your typical round of golf; it offers more than 170 unique, over-the-top challenges such as hitting targets, landing in buckets, exploding objects, rolling through gates, knocking down barrels, and steering through rings.

As players progress through the challenges, they unlock boosts that can defy the laws of physics and control the ball mid-flight. Before we break down each boost, let’s start from the beginning.

Night Club begins by helping golfers tune their skills with challenges such as severe uphill/downhill shots, accuracy off the tee using power boost, long putts to a shrinking cup, and pitch shots into breakable plates. But don’t blink, as challenges will get progressively harder.

Players earn points for everything in the Night Club, including driving distance, accuracy, landing on targets, breaking objects, use of ballspin and more.

Players can earn up to three stars per challenge based on the amount of points earned. You need to earn at least one star to complete the challenge.

Challenges are set up across three very distinctive courses: Wolf Creek, Paracel Storm, and Coyote Falls. Each course has its own map view where you will navigate through the challenges. The journey begins at Wolf Creek.

Each hole on the course has unique challenges, with the last being a Stroke Play type challenge. But this is not your traditional style of hitting the ball down the fairway. Not only do you need to sink the ball into the hole, but you must do so while being tested with moving objects such as rings, bounce pads, sticky pads, speed pads, checkpoints, and much more.

Remember: everything is points based, so you might have to hit through a multiplier ring and then sink a birdie putt in order to earn three stars.

Players must use strategy to earn all three stars, including picking the right player and utilizing the right boosts. New boosts and new fantasy golfers can be unlocked as players progress through the Night Club.

Players can unlock a total of nine different boosts, which can be used to modify the ball’s flight to avoid obstacles and land on targets.


· Rocket – Provides a lift to the ball to hit unreachable targets.

· Sticky – Use this to stop the ball from rolling, or stick to the ground like glue when it makes contact with the terrain.

· Remote Control - Take control and steer the ball left and right to avoid obstacles, fly through rings, and roll through croquet gates.

· Nitro - Gain extra distance on your shot.

· Nudge - Obstacle in the way? Use the Nudge to adjust the shot in mid-air or while rolling along the ground.

· Super Spin - Double the amount of spin on the ball, or backspin onto targets that are normally unreachable.

· Pause – Stop the ball in mid-air to time shots and hit moving targets or avoid pesky obstacles.

· Below Zero – Avoid bad lies by bouncing the ball off any type of terrain, including sand or even water.

· Anchor - Stop on a dime and drop straight down to the ground. Rotate your camera view in air to spot the target, then drop from the sky and slam down to the ground.


Boosts are where the real strategy comes into play. Players can equip up to a maximum of three boosts, so be sure to mix and match to learn which ones work best in a particular challenge.

For example, you might like having the safely net of the Sticky ball, but could also benefit from reaching an unreachable target with Nitro of shifting the ball in mid-air with Nudge. It’s all about experimenting to find the right combination of boosts and golfer to earn the highest possible score on each challenge.

Energy is drained each time a boost is activated, and each one drains a different amount of energy. For example, Level 1 Rocket drains 25% energy while Level 1 Remote Control drains 50% energy. So you could use the Rocket four times, or mix it up with two Rockets and one Remote Control.

Earn stars by completing challenges to level up your boosts, so they cost less energy. Energy levels refill to 100% when starting a new challenge.

Some challenges such as the Glider Challenge will require players to use certain boosts. These challenges require you to combine boost powers in order to complete the challenge. (Yes, you can activate multiple boosts during a single shot).

In a glider challenge, players must use the Rocket and Nitro to keep the ball flying in the air, while using the Remote Control to steer the ball through floating rings that refill boost energy. At the end of the course flight, you will need to land the ball on ground targets to score final points.

Some challenges even include portals that transport the ball to a different area of the hole or course. Portals can help you shortcut to the green, bypassing hazards on the way to sinking your putt. But be careful! Not all portals are created equal, and some might put you in even more danger.

Unlock new golfers such as Nevada Smith and the Battlefield Soldier to help master challenges. Each golfer has unique attributes that help complete challenges.

Players can also unlock rare apparel items by earning stars from completing challenges. Remember, you can always replay a challenge to try and earn all three stars in a challenge. Collect as many as possible, and you might even unlock a Battlefield outfit.

Not only is the Night Club Challenge fun, but it’s also a great way to tune your skills and prepare for a dominant Tour Pro Career.

Good luck in the Night Club! Can you master them all?

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