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NHL 14 Ultimate Team - Online Seasons

Posted May 1st at 12:00am.

Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 14 includes Online Seasons, an online Head-to-Head mode.

Online Seasons features an entirely new promotion and relegation system where winning games allows a team to advance divisions and take on tougher competition. Losses will push a team down to a lower level. Take on other Hockey Ultimate Team players from across the world to become a truly elite Ultimate Team. 

There are divisions available for every skill level. The division system in Online Seasons improves player matchmaking to help make Hockey Ultimate Team much more accessible.

By playing opponents of similar skill, players can gradually learn the ins and outs of Hockey Ultimate Team before advancing to a division with more experienced players.

Online Seasons includes four conferences, made up of 10 divisions. Users can compete at their own pace to finish their 10-game season. Users receive a Puck bonus for each division won.

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