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NHL 14 Cover Vote - Around the Web

Posted May 4th at 12:00am.

The field for the NHL 14 Cover Vote has been reduced to 32 and with that, we have an impressive free-for-all going on in this round. It's looking like there will be a nice mix of young talent and seasoned veterans making up the Final 16 but nothing has been set in stone. Teams, fans and players have been throwing their support out there, and we once again collected some of the cool stuff from around the web that caught our eyes.

They really want it

The Edmonton Oilers organization is putting a lot behind their cover athlete nominee, Taylor Hall. This week, they released not one but five videos highlighting why he belongs on the cover of NHL 14. Here are three of them:

Moves like Jagger

The kid's got style!

Let his stats do the talking

Creative Campaigning

A Toronto Maple Leafs and Joffery Lupul supporter created this parody video using footage from The Dark Knight. Will it be enough to push Lupul into the next round?

Tweet Trash Talking

On Thursdays, your NHL 14 Cover Vote tweets count for two votes and some organizations aren't afraid to get the word out there. But, at the same time, it's a good opportunity to troll the opposition. Check out the series that started with a tweet by the LA Kings but was finished by the Edmonton Oilers.

Time to play the power-card

Last week, we mentioned that Nashville Predators' candidate Mike Fisher didn't have to use his wife, country music singer Carrie Underwood to gain support. But, with Fisher currently sitting outside of the Final 16, she began to tweet some interesting stuff to help her loving husband. She's definitely not afraid to embarass him.

No Hard Feelings

Adam Henrique of the New Jersey Devils didn't make it beyond the first round of votes, losing out to teammate and future Hall of Famer, Martin Brodeur. But it's all about teamwork and Henrique hasn't been afraid to show his support for the goaltender.


Cover sneak peak?

We get a lot of fan-created covers and we love them! Check out this Pavel Datsyuk one that's been making the rounds.

The Subban Support Train

For the launch of NHL 13, we held midnight launch events across Canada. Last year P.K. Subban was in attendance in Montreal and he signed some custom-made NHL 13 covers for Montreal Canadiens fans. Maybe for NHL 14, Subban and Habs fans won't have to settle for a local variant.

With the Final 16 starting on Monday, we're bound to see even more creative content hit the web. With it being head-to-head in the next rounds, what kind of trash-talking tweets and videos will people create? If you want to see your favorite player in the next round, be sure to vote and vote often!

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