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Hockey Ultimate Team - Face-Off Set

Posted October 13th at 5:00pm.

The second Limited Time Set in NHL 17 is the Face-Off set. Available from October 11th to October 24th, the Face-Off set contains seven subsets. Five of these sets feature special edition Milestone Legend player items that can only be unlocked through the Face-Off set. Read below to find out what they are, what they unlock, and how to unlock them.

Limited Time Sets allow you to unlock special items by completing sets using limited time collectibles that you can find in special packs throughout the event. 

Within each Limited Time Set there are Novice, Epic, and Master sets that will allow you to trade in your collectibles for packs, players, or special edition player items.

Novice Sets

In the Novice set, you can trade in one Face-Off Collectible for a random rare gold player or one Face-Off Collectible and two Gold Collectibles for a Puck Drop pack. 

The Puck Drop pack features 15 items, and contains 2 rare gold players and a chance at a Face-Off Collectible. 

Epic Sets

There are four Epic sets for the Face-Off set. In these sets, you can unlock special edition Milestone Legend items. To unlock one of these items, you need to have a certain amount of Face-Off Collectibles and Gold Collectibles. 

The four Epic Sets are:

  • 92 OVR Wendel Clark – 5 Face-Off Collectibles + 10 Gold Collectibles
  • 93 OVR Mike Modano – 7 Face-Off Collectibles + 2 Gold Collectibles + 1 Carbon Collectible
  • 93 OVR Eric Lindros – 7 Face-Off Collectibles + 2 Gold Collectibles + 1 Carbon Collectible
  • 93 OVR Scott Niedermayer – 7 Face-Off Collectibles + 2 Gold Collectibles + 1 Carbon Collectible

The Epic sets can only be completed once, but when you complete each set you will also unlock a Master Set Collectible. The Master Collectibles can be used to unlock the Master Set.

Master Set

The Master Set is the toughest set to complete, and with it comes a hefty reward. To complete the Master set, you need to complete all four of the Epic Sets to get the 4 Master Collectibles. When you have the 4 Master Collectibles, you can use them along with 8 Carbon Collectibles to unlock a 96 overall Milestone Patrick Roy player item. Like the Epic sets, you can only complete the Master set once.

Remember, the Face-Off sets are only available from October 11th to October 24st. Can you conquer the Face-Off set to score Patrick Roy?

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