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Build Your Team, Your Way

Only in HUT can you build and play with a team composed of all your favorite players to create amazing moments and teams that are just not possible anywhere else.

Play At Your Level

Whether you’re new to HUT or a seasoned veteran, there is a mode for you that will suit your skill level. In the new Single Player Seasons experience everything HUT has to offer without facing online competition. If you’re ready for a stiffer challenge, jump into Online Seasons or the Play a Friend feature and put your team to the test.

Fueled By NHL Action

With weekly updates, HUT provides an experience that keeps up to date with world player movement, events, milestone and much more! If it happens in hockey, it happens in HUT.

Buy Low, Sell High

Going once, going twice, SOLD! Use the auction house to your advantage and find stars players listed under market value, or sell items that are in high demand and cash in! This is the spot where the best HUT owners find great deals to build their dream dynasty.

Complete Your Collection

Each item in HUT is part of a unique collection. Once you find that final item to complete a collection, you will receive a pack bonus that can be used to improve your team or maybe even complete another collection!

Dream Big. Win Big

Change the fortunes of your team in an instant! With every pack you open comes the chance of pulling a rare item that could turn your team from a pretender to contender. Open packs in HUT by earning Coins after every game you play.