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NHL 19 Real Player Motion Technology: Skating

Posted July 10th at 9:00am.

Experience skating that’s more responsive than ever before as Real Player Motion (RPM) Technology comes to EA SPORTS NHL 19. Featuring innovative animation, RPM delivers Explosive-Edge skating that enables more control, acceleration, and creativity up and down the ice. Inspired by the high-paced nature of today’s NHL, RPM-fueled skating delivers speed, agility, and pin-point turns to NHL 19, giving you the ability to skate like Connor McDavid. Learn more about RPM Skating in NHL 19 below. 

Move like McDavid in NHL 19

Turn on a dime and change direction with blinding speed thanks to Explosive-Edge skating. Enjoy movement that gives you total command and react smoothly on the ice with superior control. Generate speed using edgework and crossover maneuvers to skate with power in all zones of the rink, dominating the game the way McDavid does.

Skate with Skill and Speed

Just like today’s NHL, using size in combination with skill is a key component of powering past the competition in NHL 19. Player size and their attribute ratings correlate with the kind of skating style you’ll see them move with, giving you a number of ways to take advantage of a skater’s abilities. Utilize speed advantages possessed by smaller players and blow right by the defenders, or work down low in the corners as you use powerful turns to keep the puck with larger players.

Thanks to RPM, you’ll have fluid command over where your player skates with seamless animations that let you decide exactly how you’ll get from point A to B. This level of responsiveness opens a world of possibilities for every single skater based on their skill ratings, physical size, and movement style. Player endurance also plays an important role in NHL 19, as hustling will burn more energy than gliding and maintaining momentum through pivots and wider turns.

Size and Skating Style

While statistical ratings and size will continue to have the biggest impact on a player’s ability to get around the ice in NHL 19, RPM incorporates skating styles that affect the visual presentation and overall feeling of motion. The difference in attributes combined with unique animations makes player differentiation better than ever before. Players like Patrick Kane will be seen using quick elusive steps to evade trouble in the corners, while players like Dustin Byfuglien will be able to use more powerful strides and their strength to get past players.

These systems also carry over into the World of CHEL where you'll create your own unique identity, as different choices to height, weight, attribute customization by class, and the traits you select for your Create-a-Skater will differentiate how players look and feel while skating out on the ice.

With or Without the Puck

Skating when you don’t have the puck is just as important as driving the play when you do, which is why you’ll notice four different stick positions that build upon the authentic skating experience at all ends of the ice. Each stick variation is impacted by multiple motions such as tight carve turns, stops, cycles, crossovers, exits, and starts, applicable in all directions. In combination with skating styles, there are limitless possibilities to unlock each player’s potential in NHL 19, all thanks to the power of RPM.


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NHL 19 is available to hockey fans worldwide on September 14, 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Be first in line to compete from the pond to the pros, unlocking the full game three days early on September 11, 2018 when you pre-order the NHL 19 Legend Edition or the NHL 19 Ultimate Edition.

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