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Customize Your Character the Way You Want in NHL 19

Posted July 26th at 11:00am.

Express yourself with a character that’s all your own, as numerous customization options are being unveiled in NHL® 19 with the World of CHEL. Create a unique look inspired by pond hockey with lifestyle gear and clothing, including hoodies, jackets, parkas, knits, and more. Classes, traits, and specialties for skaters or goalies combine to shape your playstyle, as you build a character that performs the way you want them to.

Unlock items by progressing through the World of CHEL, as these various customization items will not be available for purchase. Discover the customization options you’ll have at your fingertips in NHL 19 by reading below. 

Be Yourself

Dominate the ponds and show-off everything you’ve earned on your journey through the World of CHEL. There are multiple customizable options that shape your create-a-character, and as you progress through the World of CHEL, you’ll earn more items for your unique skater or goalie. Over 900 newly-designed pieces of clothing showcase your personality, with bold looks that help bolster your reputation in a fun and competitive hockey community.

A character’s height and weight, attributes, player class, traits, and specialties all combine to shape your performance across World of CHEL modes. Height and weight help determine attributes like speed and checking ability, and with 12 skater and 3 goalie classes, you can customize your character to suit your playstyle. 

Traits and specialties are new additions that play a big part in shaping your unique character, as they offer specific benefits for character performance. Equip your character with up to two traits for a boost in a specific category, but take note of the drawbacks, as traits like the Booming Slapper give you a boost in shot power while decreasing your shot accuracy.

Specialties work to provide benefits in certain situations, such as a stamina boost for you and your team after scoring a goal. You can save multiple loadouts of different class, trait, and specialty builds so you’re ready for every situation in any mode, which is a great way to utilize the items you've unlocked in the World of CHEL. In NHL 19, customization options give you the freedom to create and compete as the player you’ve always wanted to be.


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NHL 19 is available to hockey fans worldwide on September 14, 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Be first in line to compete from the pond to the pros, unlocking the full game three days early on September 11, 2018 when you pre-order the NHL 19 Legend Edition or the NHL 19 Ultimate Edition.

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