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NHL® 19 HUT Beginner's Guide – EA SPORTS Official Site

Posted September 11th at 4:00pm.


Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT) is a very popular NHL® 19 game mode that allows you to create your fantasy lineup and compete online against other players from around the world or play offline. In HUT 19, you’ll be able to put together your dream team using current players, top prospects, and over 200 NHLⓇ Legends and Alumni players. Along the way, earn rewards from playing, and use the rewards to upgrade your team.


Over 200 HUT Legends and Alumni Players

In HUT 19, there will be over 140 NHL Alumni Player Items and 63 HUT Legends available for you to create your Ultimate Team. These players range from fan favorites to local legends to all-time greats of the sport! Hockey history is now at your fingertips to play and compete as the best of the best in HUT 19.

Objectives and Milestones

New to HUT 19, Objectives will reward you with HUT items, packs, and coins for completing short-term tasks throughout your year in HUT. Milestones are long-term tasks with big-time rewards that you’ll work towards as you progress in HUT. With rewards that include Legends, Loan Items, coins, and more, Milestones give you goals to chase throughout the year with massive payoffs upon completing all of the tasks.

Loan Items

Loan Items are coming to HUT 19 and will allow you to try out some of the top players on your team for a limited duration. With the Loan Players feature, you’ll be able to see how a player fits on your squad before purchasing them on the Auction House. From HUT Challenges to Objectives and Milestones, there will be plenty of ways for you to earn Loan Items to try out in your squad. Find out more about what’s new in HUT 19.


After you build your team, you can play in a variety of game modes that will earn you rewards to help improve your HUT team. You can progress your way through divisions in Online Seasons, experience the thrill of the fantasy draft with fast rounds of superstar picks in Draft Champions, or go head-to-head against your friends in a friendly match. Also, you can battle through HUT Challenges to earn sick rewards to upgrade your HUT team.

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete with the best of the best in HUT? Try your hand at competing in themed Competitive Seasons that put both your hockey and team building skills to the test, or battle in HUT Champions, where only the top players qualify and earn big-time rewards. Whether you're online or playing couch co-op, you can invite friends to join your team in HUT. Click here to read about all the game modes in HUT 19.


In Hockey Ultimate Team™ there are a variety of Player Items you can obtain to build your team the way you want. Player Items can be obtained through opening packs, completing Sets, defeating HUT Challenges, in Draft Champions, ranking in Competitive Seasons, winning Online Seasons Division titles, or through the Auction House. There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold base player items. These come in two forms: Common or Rare. Special Player Items are also available, too, such as items that feature upgraded attributes based off a player’s performance throughout the season.


In HUT 19, there will be over 140 NHL Alumni Player Items available in HUT. These players range from fan favorites to local legends to greats of the sport, and can be found in any pack that contains the prospects of a Gold player item. Thirty of the Alumni players will be available year-round from launch in regular store packs. The rest will be released in waves each week, with a different selection of Alumni players available each week, and as rewards in specific instances (such as rewards for Competitive Seasons).


HUT Legends are some of the most powerful players in the game, and can be unlocked for your HUT team through Milestones, Monthly Rewards, Sets, and Legend Packs or by buying them off the Auction House. There are a lot of HUT Legends in NHL® 19, including all-time hockey greats, like Wayne Gretzky. Find out more about HUT Legends in NHL 19.


HUT Synergy is a team-building system that challenges you to combine player strengths across your whole lineup for a bonus. Players are linked by playing style and can be placed anywhere in your lineup, regardless of position. There are two types of Synergies: Player Synergies and Team Synergies. Player Synergies, such as Speedsters, will grant a bonus only to players who share this synergy when activated. Team Synergies, such as It’s A Trap, will grant a bonus to all players on the team when activated.


Collect items and complete HUT Sets that allow you to unlock rewards to constantly build and improve your team. You can use your items in sets to earn collectibles, coins, packs, and elite items depending on which Set you complete. Every item has value, so any item in your collection will benefit the long-term growth of your team.


You can improve your HUT team by opening packs, engaging in Sets, or using the Auction House to buy, sell, and trade to acquire new players to build your Ultimate Team™. There are a wide range of packs available in Hockey Ultimate Team™. They can be purchased using in-game coins or NHL® 19 Points, or acquired through completing Sets, ranking in Competitive Seasons, completing HUT Challenges, or winning Online Season Division Titles. You can also earn player items, coins, and more through free Daily Reward packs, which you can get every eight hours by entering HUT!

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