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HUT Advantage

Posted April 20th at 4:00pm.

Introducing HUT Advantage, a new service offer that makes getting packs easier and cheaper in NHL 16’s Hockey Ultimate Team.

If you’re a HUT player who is always looking to get the latest player items to improve your team or sell in the auction market then this offer is for you. Starting today you will be able to buy a Hockey Ultimate Team package that grants you packs on a weekly basis at a discount! This offer is only available from April 20 until April 27 (ending at approximately 3:59pm PT).

Weekly Double Gold Premium Jumbo Pack

Get 10 Double Gold Premium Jumbo packs at a discounted price.

Each pack includes 24 Items. All Gold. Guaranteed Seven (7) Rare.

Receive two (2) Double Gold Premium Jumbo Packs immediately, followed by two (2) Double Gold Premium Jumbo Packs weekly after your original purchase date for the next four weeks. To open your packs, go to UNOPENED PACKS on the HUT main menu.

How to Buy:

  1. Select Hockey Ultimate Team from the NHL 16 main menu.
  2. Enter the HUT Store.
  3. Select the Weekly Pack offer and complete the transaction.
  4. Open the pack(s) you receive instantly upon completing your transaction.
  5. Subsequent packs will show up in the UNOPENED PACKS inbox on the HUT main menu.

NHL 16 is in stores everywhere, buy your copy today.

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