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Follow No One.
Be the One.

Your path is defined by the choices you make. With the freedom to play how you want and with who you want, the respect you earn in THE STREETS matters just as much as the rings you earn in THE LEAGUE.

Your Player


Express yourself by customizing the way you look from the hairstyles to the tattoos to the kicks.

Signature Ability and Skills

Master an ability only you can pull off and make your mark on the game.


Choose from a number of game-changing traits to help strategize against opponents.


From skills to style, it’s all about you. Select the type of player you want to be and develop a tailored set of abilities. Each playstyle has unique skills, Traits, and reward unlocks.

Your Choices

Rise through the ranks in THE STREETS and THE LEAGUE, in a new and authentic basketball experience. Your choices and skill will define your legacy.

Your Quest to Be THE ONE Never Ends

Instantly play in real-time, uniquely crafted LIVE Events offering new challenges and rewards all year long within Solo, Co-op, and Multiplayer.

Available Now

Your legacy begins now. Play NBA LIVE 18 now and become THE ONE.