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Head Up Your NBA LIVE 18 Franchise

Take control of your favorite NBA team with Franchise Mode. Turn it into an unstoppable dynasty both on and off the court.

Build Your Team

Draft top players, make smart trades, and improve your team season after season. Every decision is yours as you play GM and coach in a streamlined experience while chasing championships.

Elevate Your Players

Player progression starts with Upgrade Points (UP), which players earn when they complete goals and get stats in games. You can spend UP to strengthen skills like Mid-Range Shot, Dribbling, and On-Ball Defense. Young guns who are still developing earn UP at a higher rate, so don’t miss out on those rookies.

Win Championships

At the end of the season, head into the Playoffs, and compete to take your team to the NBA Finals. If you’ve got what it takes, your team could win it all. Control your Season Length and Playoff Series Length, and when All-Star season comes around, get ready to ball.

Experience the Draft and Free Agency

Make Your Picks

Just like the NBA, prospects will sign on the dotted line at the beginning of the season. Drafting well can turn your franchise from a lottery team into a serious contender in no time.

Sign Free Agents

Regular Season

During the season, improve your team by signing free agents to minimum 1-year contracts. Strike gold by finding young players who remain unsigned and developing them into stars.


In the off-season, compete against other GMs in the league to sign players that did not re-sign with their previous team. This is the opportunity to grab some big names each season, but to get top players, you’ll have to bid against other teams to entice stars to switch sides.

Even Ballers Get Benched

A flop isn’t always a flop, and players can get injured during the season. Monitor your injury report to see when your player will be ready to hit the court. Also, based on their season performance and age, players will regress after each year.

Available Now

Your legacy begins now. Play NBA LIVE 18 and become THE ONE.