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Celebrate July 4th with Madden Ultimate Team

Earn special badges and collectibles to redeem for rewards

Madden NFL 16 E3 Trailer

Featuring a completely transformed passing game and the biggest wow moments in franchise history

Odell Beckham Jr. Wins Madden NFL 16 Cover Vote

Offensive Rookie of the Year outlasts Rob Gronkowski to win Cover Vote honors

Madden NFL Mobile Deep Dive: New Controls, Kicking, and PATs

Two reasons to get a better kicker and improved passing controls

Madden Ultimate Team - NFL Movers

Commemorate offseason acquisitions in the all-new MUT program

New 2015-16 Packs for Madden NFL Mobile

Buy packs this season, and get packs next season

Season Score Underway on Madden NFL Mobile

Earn rewards now for the 2015 Madden NFL Mobile Season

New Gameplay Features coming to Madden NFL Mobile Next Season

Discover Wide Receiver Mode and Spontaneous Challenges

Madden Ultimate Team - Final Editions

MUT honors this year's "under the radar" players

Ultimate Legends in MUT

Three different versions of Jerry Rice and J.J. Watt are coming to Packs

Madden Ultimate Team Community Sleepers

Improve your Ultimate Team with under-the-radar talent

Madden Ultimate Team - Combine Warriors

Earn a Combine Warrior to give Team Boosts to all players on the field