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Odell Beckham Jr. Wins Madden NFL 16 Cover Vote

Offensive Rookie of the Year outlasts Rob Gronkowski to win Cover Vote honors

New 2015-16 Packs for Madden NFL Mobile

Buy packs this season, and get packs next season

Season Score Underway on Madden NFL Mobile

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New Gameplay Features coming to Madden NFL Mobile Next Season

Discover Wide Receiver Mode and Spontaneous Challenges

Level, Sets, and Ranks in Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Get a head start by increasing every one of the score categories

Build Your Legacy Team with Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Get a head start with special Live Events when the new season starts

Rewards Tiers in Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Discover all the categories and get a head start in your Season Score

Introducing Madden NFL Mobile Season Score

Get a head start on next season by improving your OVR today

Play With the Rookie Class of 2015 in Madden NFL 15

The future is now in MUT

First Look: Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota in Madden NFL 15

Get insider access to two of the 2015 NFL Draft's biggest stars

The NFL Draft Comes to Madden NFL Mobile

Play with new rookies on the night of the 2015 NFL Draft

Achieve Greatness in Madden NFL Mobile

Earn Rewards With Achievements