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Madden Championship Series: Code of Conduct

Posted January 6th at 3:00am.

We want to highlight the updated Madden NFL Club Championship Official Rules shared with the competitors and particularly raise attention to the  Competitor Code of Conduct (Section 10). We’d like to underscore its importance for all our competitors, both for in-game and out-of-game behavior and this Competitor Code of Conduct will remain in effect for all Madden NFL Championship Series operations.

Competition should be an entertaining, welcoming to all, and enriching experience. We expect our community to act professionally, be respectful and act with integrity. We hold each other accountable for in-game and out-of-game actions, and this includes social media etiquette. The Competitor Code of Conduct details some “non-negotiables”: Hate speech in any setting will not be tolerated; violence or serious verbal threats to others will be punished; cheating to gain an advantage will have repercussions; charges by law enforcement will prompt swift action.

Important distinction – we are not trying to sterilize the usual sights and sounds of a competition. Good natured smack talk has always been a part of the fun. Only when that crosses the line and violates our Competitor Code of Conduct will it be our focus. We ask all our competitors to use their best judgement.

Competitors are held accountable for their behavior. Code of Conduct violations determined at the discretion of EA will lead to a range of consequences that could impact eligibility – warnings, prize-money or points-based deductions, suspensions or even permanent expulsions for the most egregious actions.

Passion drives us, just as it does all of you. We never want to lose sight of the passion, but it is critical that we all share the same values to grow this competitive community together.

Please review the Code of Conduct closely and if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to maddenleagueops@ea.com or “@ us” on Twitter (@MaddenLeagueOps). 

You can also read some Frequently Asked Questions here regarding the Code of Conduct.

We want to hear from you. We value your feedback and remain receptive to all constructive criticism intended to improve the Madden NFL Championship Series for everyone. 

Thank you.

- Madden League Operations

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