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Posted November 29th at 3:00pm.

Each week that passes, I find that the plays get judged in different ways. Sometimes, there’s been enough plays in the final seconds. Other times, they’re just goofy enough to make me laugh, so they end up in the top of the list. This week has a good mixture.

Remember to submit your top plays here to see if your best stick skills make the cut. Oh, and don’t forget, this is for Madden 18. No matter how much you like using Peyton Hillis, your Madden 12 best hits won’t be featured here. Well, maybe that’s another week. 


5. Before the Final Whistle

Nothing like a clutch win in Madden 18 to keep up your ulcer quota. This play is eerily similar to the one the Seahawks tried in the Super Bowl. Enough about that. Here, the player gets single coverage on Golden Tate, making him an easy target on a quick slant route away from the pressure on the line.


4. It’s Going the Other Way

Deep passes are always dangerous in Madden. A big INT can turn into a quick defensive score without too much trouble, since your offensive players are out of position for a stop. All it takes is one broken tackle and the game scenario is completely different. This would be Exhibit A.


3. Gurley Ground and Pound

The Arcade Game Style in Madden 18 is loaded with gigantic plays. This one might be par for the course in Arcade, but it’s still fun to watch a capable runner like Todd Gurley break off massive runs.


2. Gone, But Not Forgotten

Sean Taylor was a ferocious player, known for routinely dishing out big hits. Monday marked 10 years since his passing, but his play style remains an inspiration to NFL players today. Here in Madden Ultimate Team, Taylor makes an amazing one-handed pick six, which induces an immediate rage quit.


1. What the What!?

To end on a lighter note, I think this play is the official winner of the “What The What!?” Award for the Madden 18 season. I’m calling it now. This just goes to show you, never give up on a play. If you’re the player for the Seahawks, I don’t think you can even be mad.


-Daniel Williams


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