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How to Stiff Arm like LeGarrette Blount

Posted October 7th at 6:00am.

An accurate juke or spin in Madden 18 can spell doom for any defensive coverage. But in my years of playing Madden, I’ve tended to use power backs more heavily. I’m not exactly a trend setter here – I just favor using trucks and stiff arms over spins.

Speaking of which, LeGarrette Blount had a monster run against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 4

There’s a double-dose of a stiff arm. The first gives him enough space for a huge chunk of yards. The second, he flattens Desmond King.

Stiff Arm is the X/A button, and it has the typical modifiers of other ball carrier moves. It’s not only important to know the ratings for the player you’re controlling, but you also need to recognize the defender. If you’re running with Blount for example, you won’t have consistent (or any) success trying to stiff arm J.J. Watt or Von Miller. But, if you’re passed the line of scrimmage, a stiff arm should be enough to get you the first down.

If you attempt this move too early, it’ll just make it easier to bring down the runner. Also, if you’re using a power back, recognize the defender’s position. If they’re directly in front of you, then a truck is a better choice than a stiff arm. But if it’s a weaker DB coming in at an angle, you should be able to shove him off with a stiff arm.

Try it out and see if you can get your own beastly runs.


-Daniel Williams

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