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G.O.A.T. Upgrades for MUT

Posted August 11th at 7:00pm.

As we get closer to the new Madden season, there’s been some questions regarding the G.O.A.T. packages that are available at launch. To help out, we’re going to break this down, along with letting you in on a special event to go with the launch of Madden NFL 18: 20 days of G.O.A.T. But before talking about that, here are the packages and what they include.

G.O.A.T. Squads Upgrade

  • 1 of 3 G.O.A.T. players (Ronnie Lott, Bo Jackson, or Randy Moss)
  • 1 Gold offensive player from your favorite NFL team
  • 1 Gold defensive player from your favorite NFL team
  • 1 head coach

The G.O.A.T. Squads Upgrade includes the same added content that you would receive in the Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Squads Edition when it launches on August 25.  The G.O.A.T. Squads Upgrade will be available August 22 so you can add these legendary players to your MUT rosters and kick off your MUT Squads experience like a G.O.A.T., immediately. These three G.O.A.T. Squads legends start out with an 83 OVR.

G.O.A.T. Content Upgrade

  • 1 of 5 elite G.O.A.T. players (Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis, Deion Sanders, or Jerry Rice)
  • 7 Squad Packs
  • 2500 Contracts
  • 1 Uniform Pack

This package is what you get when you preorder your Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition along with early access to the game. This package is available at launch, August 25. As part of 20 Days of G.O.A.T., you can snag this package with $35 worth of content for just $20. These players will start out with an 85 OVR. 

None of the G.O.A.T. players mentioned above can be auctioned or traded, but they can be upgraded to 87 OVR.

The 20 Days of G.O.A.T. event can help further kick start your Madden Ultimate Team. For 20 days after the game launches (August 25 through September 13), there will be two solo events each day. Each will be live for 24 hours and will award one “Baby G.O.A.T.” These can be used to upgrade the G.O.A.T. players you already have and bump up their OVR. If you accumulate enough Baby G.O.A.T. players, you can exchange them for one of the base G.O.A.T. players mentioned above.

You will also be able to obtain more Baby G.O.A.T. players through special pack offers. 

Madden NFL 18 is available on the PS4 and Xbox One August 25. Stay in the conversation by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Pre-order here for early access.

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