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Meet the 2017 Madden Championship Players

Posted April 21st at 5:00pm.
2017 Madden NFL Challenge: Where and When to Watch

The 2017 Madden Championship is the fourth and final major event in the 2017 Madden NFL 17 Championship Series. The Championship features the largest prize pool of the series, with $500,000 for the taking out of the full $1,000,000 series pool. The third event, the 2017 Madden Challenge, ended with Matt “BeastModeMac” Clark taking home the belt. The 32 competitors headed for the 2017 Madden Championship have played their way in via Series Points, earned from events throughout the season. The game mode will be Salary Cap Ranked, similar to the 2017 Madden Bowl.

Check out the full list below to get familiar with all the competitors. 

Week 1: April 29 – 30

Group A

Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo
MCS Rank: 1
Hometown: Claremore, OK
Skimbo was defeated in the semifinals at the 2017 Madden Bowl in Houston. He then made it to the finals of the 2017 Madden Challenge before losing a tight game. Can he finally win the big one?
Favorite Team: New England Patriots

Zach “Serious Moe” Lane
MCS Rank: 16
Hometown: Lima, OH
Serious Moe has been very serious about his preparation for the 2017 Championship. Is there anyone in the field who stands a good chance against the Madden NFL 16 Challenge Champ? We’ll soon see!
Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Jordan “Canes” Powell
MCS Rank: 17
Hometown: Monee, IL
Canes put his name on the map with a 2-1 record at the 2017 Madden Bowl. He has played well in smaller events, but now needs to deliver on the big stage to cement his position as a top competitor.
Favorite Team: New England Patriots

Michael “Killer Mike” Clark
MCS Rank: 32
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Killer Mike was a relative unknown until the 2017 Madden Club Series event in Seattle. There, despite a low rank, he went on an amazing run of victories to secure the final spot in the 2017 Championship.
Favorite Team: Seattle Seahawks

Group B

Derek “DJones” Jones
MCS Rank: 8
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
After making a run to the finals in the 2017 Madden Classic, DJones has been relatively quiet in the Madden Community. Can he make a run in this Salary Cap style event, after previously excelling in Draft Champions? It’ll be exciting to find out!
Favorite Team: Denver Broncos

Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlan
MCS Rank: 9
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Young Kiv returns for his fourth straight major, after looking dominant at the 2017 Classic before running into Skimbo. As a younger competitor, he’s looking to bring home a Championship for the game’s youth movement – as well as establish himself as one of the best.
Favorite Team: Seattle Seahawks

Raidel “Noble Joke” Brito
MCS Rank: 24
Hometown: West New York, NJ
During his two previous appearances in the 2017 Madden NFL Championship Series, Noble Joke has been unable to get out of group stage. This time, people are wondering if he can finally keep his emotions in check – or even use them to his advantage.
Favorite Team: New York Giants

Hassan “GOS” Spall
MCS Rank: 25
Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ
GOS has been able to make multiple online group stages at this point in his career, but not a breakthrough into a live final. Can he make the most of his first time on the big stage?
Favorite Team: N/A

Group C

Matt “BeastmodeMac” Clark
MCS Rank: 4
Hometown: Raytown, MO
BeastmodeMac stormed into his first chance at a major by taking home the title at the 2017 Madden Challenge, using the Draft Champions game mode. But can he repeat that success in this event with Salary Cap Ranked mode?
Favorite Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Ryan “i be strafing” Danczak
MCS Rank: 13
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
After an incredible run to the 2017 Vikings Club Series Championship, i be strafing climbed up to the middle of the pack. With an extremely versatile defense, nobody wants to face him in the 2017 Championship.
Favorite Team: Minnesota Vikings

Salvatore “SDello” Liciardello
MCS Rank: 20
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
SDello was the most electrifying competitor in the 2017 Madden Classic, with a solid ground game and great special teams. However, he hasn't made much noise since that first run to the final four, so he has plenty of doubters.
Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Peter “Litezout” Calefato
MCS Rank: 29
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Litezout made it to the Final 4 of the Madden NFL 16 Championship, but has been quiet since, not making another live major. As a community leader, many will be rooting for him to make a solid run at his first major this season.
Favorite Team: New York Jets

Group D 

Eric “Problem” Wright
MCS Rank: 5
Hometown: West Covina, CA
The 2017 Madden Challenge was a rare dud for the competitor many currently consider the greatest of all time. Even with that history, and making it to the finals in two of the last four majors, a recent Championship is still eluding him, with his last coming in 2013. Has the Problem been solved?
Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers

Mark “ERG Schemin” Samuels, Jr.
MCS Rank: 12
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
ERG Schemin put on a good performance at the 2017 Madden Challenge, but ultimately made critical errors that cost him series points and cash. Can he overcome that loss of focus and be ready to face the toughest field this season?
Favorite Team: Oakland Raiders

Kyle “StDx Drag” Riederer
MCS Rank: 21
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Despite not making a live final, StDx Drag won a challenger event and advanced to the finals of the 2017 Club Series Championship in Minnesota. As a tournament veteran, it will be interesting to see if he can turn his experience into some wins.
Favorite Team: N/A

Justin “Lil Man” Barone
MCS Rank: 28
Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Lil Man struggled at the 2017 Madden Classic in his only major appearance this season. Fortunately, this Madden veteran has been battling hard across multiple levels of events and earned one of the last spots in the 2017 Championship.
Favorite Team: N/A

Week 2: May 6 – 7

Group E

Eli “TrueBoy” Clayton
MCS Rank: 2
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
TrueBoy has been close all season long, but is coming off two disappointing finishes in his last events. Will this master on the sticks find some consistency on the ground in Salary Cap Ranked mode? Or will he face another disappointment?
Favorite Team: Denver Broncos

Rick “SilentSoldier” Cisneros
MCS Rank: 15
Hometown: Crystal City, TX
Silent Soldier competed in the 2017 Madden Classic but couldn't escape group stage. However, after winning the final challenger event of the season in L.A., he solidified his position and became a threat in group E.
Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Anthony “Misery” Pulli
MCS Rank: 18
Misery jumped into the spotlight by winning the 2017 Steelers Club Championship on March 11. Now he’s in a wide-open group in his first 2017 live major final. Will he make the most of it?
Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Carlos “Los” Yancy
MCS Rank: 31
Hometown: Sarasota, FL
Los re-emerged from the underground scene to make his first major appearance at the 2017 Madden Bowl. But he suffered heartbreak there, followed by a loss at the 2017 Bills Club Series. Can this Madden vet bounce back and make a run as one of the last seeds in the entire 2017 Championship? It’d be a heck of a story!
Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Group F

Taylor “SpotMePlzzz” Robertson
MCS Rank: 7
Hometown: Ballard, WV
Since winning the 2017 Madden Classic, SpotMePlzzz hasn’t won a single game at a live major event. Can the champion get back to his winning ways in Salary Cap Ranked?
Favorite Team: Tenessee Titans

Juan “FMB Monsta” Velazquez
MCS Rank: 10
Hometown: Tracy, CA
FMB Monsta showed amazing improvement from his first appearance at the 2017 Madden Classic to his final run at the Club Series Championship. Although he lost in the 2017 Club Series Final to Killer Mike, his offense looks like one of the most explosive in the whole event.
Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers

Michael “Duke” Crandall
MCS Rank: 23
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Duke attended two live majors this season, but had forgettable performances. Now, the Madden veteran must overcome a tough field and silence the critics who say he can't win on the big stage.
Favorite Team: Tennessee Titans

Lionel “ImWild” Roberts
MCS Rank: 26
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
After becoming a fan favorite at the 2016 Madden Championship, can ImWild make one more big-time run this season? He let a huge opportunity slip away in the 2017 Madden Bowl, but should be primed and ready to play in Salary Cap Ranked mode.
Favorite Team: Los Angeles Rams

Group G

Chris “Dubby” McFarland aka “DubDot”
MCS Rank: 4
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
The man from Philadelphia went 0-3 in the 2017 Madden Challenge after winning the 2017 Madden Bowl. Does he have another run ready, or was his Cinderella showing a one-time appearance? The good news is this event rolls in Salary Cap Ranked mode, like Madden Bowl, where he raised his first belt.
Favorite Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Lavar “Hollywood” Gayle
MCS Rank: 14
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Hollywood was one of the most dominant players during the 2017 Madden Bowl, so his 0-3 run at the 2017 Madden Challenge surprised many. Now, he has to face DubDot again, the very competitor who knocked him out of the 2017 Madden Bowl. This is a must-watch game!
Favorite Team: New York Giants

Jordan “Millz” Thompson
MCS Rank: 19
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Millz thoroughly impressed the community with an incredible defensive performance at the 2017 Madden Challenge. They say defense wins championships, and many are picking Millz to escape from group stage.
Favorite Team: Seattle Seahawks

Angel “Figgy” Figueroa
MCS Rank: 30
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Figgy climbed the leaderboards late in the season with some good performances in the 2017 Challenger events. With his first appearance at a live major event, can he stay poised and grab some wins in a tough group?
Favorite Team: N/A

Group H

Reggie “iG Boogz” Brown
MCS Rank: 6
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
The veteran returns for his fourth event this year after making it out of group stage in his first two appearances. Many were surprised with his 0-3 record at the 2017 Madden Challenge, but others attributed it to the usage of Draft Champions mode. There is no doubt that Madden veteran iG Boogz will be ready to ball at the 2017 Championship.  
Favorite Team: Detroit Lions

Kerry “KerryQ” Lee
MCS Rank: 11
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
KerryQ and his under-center offensive scheme surprised many players during the 2017 Madden Challenge. He made a believer out of the community and is one of the only players in this group confident that he can shut down the high-flying VoLTeRaX.
Favorite Team: Dallas Cowboys

Nicholas “FranchiseGG” Arroyo
MCS Rank: 22
Hometown: Rockville Center, NY
FranchiseGG brought a fun and positive attitude to the 2017 Madden Challenge. While he didn't perform his best, there is no doubt the talent he displays on defense could be enough to string some wins together at the 2017 Championship.
Favorite Team: New York Jets

Michael “VoLTeRaX” Bryant
MCS Rank: 27
Hometown: Williamstown, MA
VoLTeRaX put on an offensive clinic at the 2017 Madden Challenge in his first live major event. While often on top of the online leaderboard, he proved then he could win at the highest level. This is a player that strikes fear into all other 31 competitors at the Championship.
Favorite Team: New England Patriots

The 2017 Madden Championship is powered by the Xbox One S, the ultimate games and 4k entertainment system for Madden NFL fans. Watch the Live Finals in Los Angeles starting on Saturday, April 29 on twitch.tv/madden.


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