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Madden Championship Series: New Changes

Posted August 21st at 12:00am.

The 2017 Madden Championship Series (MCS) was our best ever, with a $1 million prize pool and thousands of players participating in millions of Madden NFL games.

This season, we’re aiming to take the MCS to the next level. We’ve taken the best of last season and added some new elements. Here are some of the key adjustments we’ve made for the 2018 MCS.

Larger Prize Pool, More Live Events, and More Broadcast Hours

There’s even more prize money at stake in 2018. We are proud to announce that the new prize pool will be $1.153 million. The number of spots available to players has also increased from 152 to 192.

There will also be significantly more hours of MCS broadcasting, which means the competitors who do make the big show will have more opportunities than ever to say “Hi, I'm on TV.” And those who love watching competitive Madden will even more chances to catch great action on TV.

More Countries, Bigger Age Range

For the 2017 MCS, the minimum age for competitors was 18. We are happy to announce that players as young as 16 years old can compete in the 2018 MCS as long as a legal guardian can attend with them.

Not only has the eligible age been expanded, but Madden players from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Germany are now eligible. There’s more money on the line, but the talent pool also just got a lot bigger.

Challenger Events

For the 2017 MCS, our events focused on game modes like Draft Champions and Madden Ultimate Team. While those modes are still heavily featured, we didn't want to exclude our Head-to-Head players who like to compete with real NFL team rosters. If you’re used to selecting the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots and competing online, we want you to feel part of the competitive community as well.

Additionally, we realize that while traveling to live and local events is extremely fun, there is a financial cost. We have tweaked the system to offer greater incentives for those who travel to Challenger Events while eliminating the need to travel. Challenger Events are an alternate path to qualify for the 2018 EA Majors, but offers fast advancement into deeper stages of the EA Majors that aren't available through the online ranked ladders.

Learn how to compete here.

Online Leaderboard Adjustment

Last season, players put in work on the online leaderboards. There were millions of games in total played with the average finalist in the MCS playing hundreds, even thousands of games. This season, we have made some tweaks to the leaderboard requiring less of a time commitment. Winning is more important than the quantity of games played. Make sure to check out brand new modes like MUT Champions.

NFL Club Championship

The NFL Club Championship (formerly the NFL Club Series) has been promoted to an EA Major and now has all 32 NFL clubs involved. Players will qualify first through online competition with high-performers advancing to tournaments at select NFL stadiums, popular cultural landmarks, and other spots.

Once the final 32 players are identified, one per NFL team, they will compete in the 2018 Madden NFL Club Championship Live Finals, a tournament occurring first at the Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando, FL, and culminating at the Super Bowl Experience Driven by GMC in Minneapolis, MN.

This aren’t the only changes to the Madden NFL Championship Series in 2018, but these are some of our favorites. We didn't even have time to cover MUT Draft or Weekend League! Don't worry, there are more announcements to come.

–  Matt Marcou, Madden Competitive Gaming Commissioner

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