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Salary Cap Updates in Madden Ultimate Team

Posted March 24th at 8:00pm.

We are excited to announce a significant update to our MUT Salary Cap mode.  The purpose of this update was to improve game balance while attempting to keep the salary cap mode compelling and up to date for our players.

With just a limited time before our Club Series & Madden Championship events, we felt it was important for competitors to have time to adapt to the updates before the big events begin.

Some of the key details about these changes are laid out below:


It’s important to us that players make compelling decisions when building their rosters in MUT Salary Cap. Throughout the year, we’ve noticed that certain players have become obvious choices in most players’ lineups.

To better help balance this issue, we raised the lowest possible player cap totals at each position to ensure no one or two players are cheaper than the rest of the player pool.  There should now be a large variety of low level cap players. 

The new minimum cap values at each position are:

  • 10 cap min = FB, P
  • 12 cap min = K
  • 15 cap min = HB, WR, QB, TE, OLB, MLB, DE, DT, DB, SS, FS

Before the update, our team felt like most of the “value” players in MUT Salary Cap were at the high and low ends of the player spectrum. Therefore, few cap adjustments have been made to mid-tier players.  With this update, there is now more value in that middle tier. 

We also increased the salary cost of high-end elite players.  This will make players pick and choose more carefully when determining what superstars they want in their lineup. 


Throughout the year, chemistry abilities have had a flat rate cap cost of 4.  Despite all Chemistry Abilities costing the same, some were more powerful than others. We’ve varied the cost of abilities from 2-8 cap depending on the effectiveness. 

We have also updated the motivator and Competitors chemistry cap cost to follow the same method as abilities. 


Now that bottom and elite tier players cap values have increased, we felt it was necessary to raise the cap total for users to build challenging lineups that they can still have fun with. 

The total Salary Cap has moved from 850 to 1075.

Our team is closely monitoring feedback on these changes, and additional updates may be coming. We will be updating player & chemistry caps accordingly if either of them compromises the integrity of the game modes balance.

The process of updating content within MUT Salary Cap is something we hope to improve on - and do more of - over time.

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