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Madden NFL 18 Player Ratings: Kickers and Punters

Posted August 8th at 10:00am.

It is time. This is the article you’ve been waiting for all along. Kickers and punters are the positions that make Madden worth playing. Stop laughing. Fine, I’ll admit I overshot that one a bit, but getting your punting and field goal kicking skill down is essential to winning in Madden.

Here’s something that can’t be overstated, there’s simply too much swag in this article. You’ll see. Your top 5 kickers and punters for Madden NFL 18 await.

1. Justin Tucker, K, Baltimore Ravens

 If you’re having trouble scoring in the red zone, Tucker can win games for you. He carries a Kick Power and Kick Accuracy of 98, making him the best overall kicker in the game. But back to the swag. A normal run-off-the-field celebration isn’t good enough for Tucker. He has to show off his sick dance skills. Not enough swag? Don’t forget the dude sings opera. Game, set, match, Tucker. 

2. Johnny Hekker, P, Los Angeles Rams

Hekker is going to be your best overall punter with a Kick Power of 97 and Kick Accuracy of 96. If you’re the guy that likes to fake punts, he’s also your guy, because he boasts the best overall throw accuracy in this class. If Hekker sounds familiar, and you’re not a Rams fan, it’s probably because you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan. His amazing duck-and-cover performance is what probably earned him his outstanding Truck rating of 15. Well played Johnny. 

3. Matt Bryant, K, Atlanta Falcons

Yep, Matt Bryant is still playing football. And why not? At 42, he’s older than some coaches, but he’s still one of the best in the league. The longest field goal of his career is a stupidly-long 62 yards. Just last season, he nailed a 59-yarder, so he’s not losing any leg. In Madden, he scores a 96 for both Kick Power and Kick Accuracy.

4. Bryan Anger, P, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A Kick Power of 95 and a 94 Kick Accuracy make it easy to see that Anger is an excellent punter. If you want real-life proof, the Bucs gave him a five-year extension worth millions last season, so there’s that. Though not as strong as Hekker, he also has decent enough throwing stats for the occasional fake. 

5. Marquette King, P, Oakland Raiders

We started with swag from Tucker, and we’ll end the top 5 with the King of punter swag. See what I did there? And punter swag because, never mind. King is the most athletic of the bunch. His Kick Power is 98 and Kick Accuracy is 92. His 85 Speed though means there’s great potential for short yardage fakes. Also, how can you hate a guy that celebrates punts like this?

Honorable Mentions

Can’t end this without mentioning Matt Prater. He’s made a career of hitting FGs from 50-plus yards. Prater is also the current record-holder with a massive 64-yard FG. Since then he’s still nailing kicks in the high 50s. His Kick Power is 98 with a Kick Accuracy of 93.

-Daniel Williams

Madden NFL 18 is available on the PS4 and Xbox One August 25. Stay in the conversation by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Pre-order here for early access.

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