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Madden NFL 18 Player Ratings: Fullbacks

Posted August 7th at 10:00am.

In the NFL, fullbacks are often the unsung heroes of the team. They provide a last line of defense against the pass rush and can plow for the running backs while getting little credit. In the fantasy football community, they’re touchdown vultures that can drastically change your score, leading to a loss that knocks you out of the playoffs. I HATE YOU, JOHN KUHN!

Where was I? Oh yes, Madden ratings. Here’s your list of top fullbacks in Madden 18.

1. Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco 49ers

Juszczyk is a great fullback and should be one of the more fun players to control in Madden this season. He scores at a 91 OVR and, wait a second! Oh man, he’s the Niners highest-rated player. He is that good, but wow. Let’s score that as an L for the Niners’ front office. With that in mind, Juszczyk is a solid backfield blocker with enough ball carrying skills and good enough scores as a pass catcher to be a significant threat in the redzone. He also scores in the 70s for Catch in Traffic and Spectacular Catch.  At 82 Speed, defenders will close in relatively quick, but he looks to the best offensive option in the FB class.

2. James Develin, New England Patriots

Full disclosure, I got physically ill when I typed this. Of course, the Pats would have the fullback with the highest Strength rating. Because, you know, they didn’t do enough this offseason. Back to Develin, he’s got an 87 Strength and scores better in the run blocking categories than Juszczyk. He’s solid enough as a runner for short yardage scenarios, but his Spin and Juke aren’t rated well. He’s going to be your straight-ahead plodder with a Speed of 70.

3. Patrick DiMarco, Buffalo Bills

DiMarco isn’t as spectacular as Juszczyk, but he’s also a bit more dynamic of a runner than Develin. He’s serviceable with Juke and Spin, so you might be able to squeeze another yard or two out of a run. Downside here is he’s not as balanced on the blocking front. DiMarco is a sturdy run blocker, but not so much in pass blocking. Watch his assignments when audibling. 

4. Aaron Ripkowski, Green Bay Packers

In the world of Madden, Ripkowski is the standard definition of a fullback. He’d a good enough runner for short yardage situations, fine blocker, and his name is fun to say. He’s not as elusive, but his core running stats come close to matching Juszczyk. He’s also the best overall blocker of the top 5 FBs. His down fall is pass catchin, but if you’re playing as the Pack, it’s not like you don’t have others to throw to. 

5. Andy Janovich, Denver Broncos

Janovich is a straight up fullback. He scores well enough on Stiff Arm, but less so on elusive moves like Spin or Juke. He’s a good run blocker, but his pass blocking stats score just a little lower. So yes, you should probably watch your assignments with Janovich, too, but just not to the same degree as other FBs.

Honorable Mentions

Can’t get through this article without mentioning John Kuhn in terms of fantasy hate. True story, I played a Franchise and Kuhn was a free agent pickup. With him, my team was short yardage king, and I scored 15 touchdowns with him on the season. Fun stuff. Kuhn comes into Madden 18 with an 80 OVR. He’s a good enough runner and catcher that you can use him in any offensive scheme and is a good blocker, especially in pass blocking scenarios.

-Daniel Williams

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