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Weekend Tournaments - Madden NFL Mobile 18 Huddle Up

Posted August 18th at 8:00pm.

Competition courses through the veins of Madden NFL Mobile 18 and there is nowhere this is more evident than in the brand new weekend tournament feature. Every weekend starting today, you'll have the opportunity to compete in events running Saturday and Sunday in which you can earn massive rewards by proving that you're the best.

From the home screen, tap on the “Tournaments” box to be taken to the new Tournaments Hub.

Playing in tournaments requires Tournament tickets, which can be earned by completing daily goals (1,000 Tournament XP=1 ticket) or via Madden Cash purchases. Each entry costs one ticket and you can use as many tickets as you need for any one tournament. Your tickets also carry over from week to week, so if you get a late start on a tournament, you can roll your tickets over to the next week.

Once starting a tournament, you'll be matched up against another user in a head to head drive with tiebreakers. If you win the drive, you'll advance closer to your ultimate goal of 15 wins. If you lose the drive, you can keep trying until you get a win.

As you accumulate wins, the meter on the left side of the screen will show you the reward tier that you've earned so far, as well as the number of wins you still need in order to reach the next reward tiers.

Tapping on the rewards screen will show you the rewards available for that tournament. These can change from tournament to tournament, so check back often!

After the tournament has ended, you can choose the specified number of items from each tier of reward that you reached. If, for example, you reach Tier 5, you can choose one item from all five tiers. As you can see, there's great incentive for working towards those rewards every weekend.

If you need any more reason to participate, there's also an overall progression we're calling “Captain's Status.”

This is a persistent tracking of your progress in each tournament, reset every 3 months. Each time you participate in a tournament you will earn points towards your Captain's Status. By earning the 5-star Captain's Status, you'll show that you're one of the best Madden NFL Mobile 18 players in the world, and, as you continue to level up your Captain's Status, you'll receive exclusive rewards such as logos and badges to show off your accomplishments.

We have more surprises in store with the Tournaments feature, so check back on a regular basis to see what's new!

Madden Mobile is available now on iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone. Stay in the conversation, like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

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