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Madden NFL Mobile Most Feared

Posted October 19th at 6:00am.

Most Feared returns to Madden Mobile and this time players are invited to experience Madden Land! Your challenge will be to explore the spooky carnival on your way to earning some Most Feared players and items.

Most Feared features three distinct spaces within Madden Land. These include: the Midway Monster Carnival Games, the Knight Mare Carousel, & the DredZone Mirror Maze all providing their own scary good experiences for every level of player.

Tokens earned from each area trade in to become collectibles. These collectibles can be traded in to become Gold and then Elite players. Then you can turn those Elites into “Performers”. Earning Performers from each area unlocks their respective Ringleader challenges.

Let's break down one our favorite (and scariest) programs of the year.

Players: 42 Players across all 3 sections

  • Midway Monster Games
    • 5 Golds
    • 5 Elites
    • 3 Performers
    • 1 Ringleader
  • Knight Mare Carousel
    • 5 Golds
    • 5 Elites
    • 3 Performers
    • 1 Ringleader
  • DredZone Mirror Maze
    • 5 Golds
    • 5 Elites
    • 3 Performers
    • 1 Ringleader

11 Collectibles

  • Sideshow Events
    • Midway Monster Carnival Games
    • Knight Mare Carousel Horse
    • DredZone Fun House Mirror
  • Ringleader Items
    • Bats Jersey Collectible - Elite
    • Nighthawks Jersey Collectible - Elite
    • Black Knights Jersey Collectible - Elite
    • Bats Team Logo Col - Elite
    • Nighthawks Team Logo Col - Elite
    • Black Knights Team Logo Col - Elite
  • Mystery Items
    • Most Feared Pumpkin
    • Most Feared Jack-o-Lantern

Live Events

As with any program, Live Events are a huge part of Most Feared. There will be a total of 21 hauntingly spectacular Live Events to play ranging in difficulty and reward. These will be updating regularly so make sure to check often. We must warn you though - once you enter - there's no guarantee you'll make it out!

This is just a small sample of what's in store for this year's Most Feared program. There will be numerous sets to complete, a Most Feared logo giveaway and much more.

We'll also unleash some legendary players like Tony Gonzalez, Randy Moss and other former stars. Follow your favorite Community members and our social channels for more surprises and information!

Madden Mobile is available now on iOS and Google Play. Stay in the conversation, like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.


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