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Inside Madden NFL 18's Longshot: Scott Porter

Posted July 18th at 10:00am.

In Longshot, the new story mode in Madden 18, you play as Devin Wade as he fights to achieve his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL.

For better or worse, Wade’s journey isn’t one of solidarity. Beside Wade is Colt Cruise, his childhood friend and infinite source of enthusiasm. Between Wade’s arm strength and Cruise’s natural catching ability, the pair were nearly unstoppable in high school. Years removed from football, Wade hopes to make a comeback. Wade and Cruise hit the road to Indianapolis for the NFL Regional Combine and a chance at NFL stardom.

Scott Porter stars as Colt Cruise. Porter has a long list of video game voice acting roles on his resume, but many fans will recognize him as Jason Street from the Friday Night Lights TV series.

“It’s just something that hasn’t been seen in the realm of sports games,” said Porter. “I mean, we’ve seen where you can take control of a career, or take control of a franchise. But we’ve never seen where you can take control of someone’s actual life and play a huge part in their journey.”

After spending years away from football, Wade is attempting to make his way back to the gridiron. Cruise, while overly energetic at times, is a stabilizing force for Wade.

In Longshot, Wade vanishes for a few years. When returns, his best friend Cruise is there for him. Porter said that Cruise is at the forefront of helping his best friend reacclimate to everyday life. 

Playing someone like Colt Cruise was a unique and exciting experience for Porter. He said his roles are usually more on the dramatic and serious side.

“I usually play the guy who all the comedians are bouncing their stuff off of. When I got the opportunity to play Colt, I got to see the other side of it a little bit. He’s a little bit of the comic relief. He is the best friend who means well, but maybe he’s sometimes a little too self-involved to completely be aware of what his best friend needs.”

A longtime Madden gamer and sports fan, Porter enjoyed the experience of shooting Longshot, and being able to work with athletes like Dan Marino. 

“I come to work every day with a smile on my face knowing that I’m going to get to do something crazy as Colt Cruise that day. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Longshot is a new feature on Madden NFL 18 and is available on the PS4 and Xbox One August 25. Stay in the conversation by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Pre-order here for early access. 

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