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Meet The Salary Cap Ranked Finalists

Posted June 10th at 2:00pm.

The Madden NFL 16 Championship is upon us! The 16 best players on the planet are ready to compete for their share of $50,000 in cash prizes. The eight competitors below qualified for the Madden NFL 16 Championship by being finalists during the Season 3 Salary Cap Ranked (beta) tournament.

Below you will find additional information about each competitor and what makes them tick as a competitive MaddenNFL player.

Name: Taylor Robertson
Nickname: Spotmeplzzz
Hometown: Ballard, WV
Favorite NFL Team: Titans
Favorite play in Madden: Bunch TE - Tight End Corner. This play can beat all coverages with the right hot routes.
How I got started: Played ranked madden when I was younger. Began playing for money as I got older.
Favorite Part of competing: The "chess match" between me and my opponent.

Name: Brett Pizzuto
Nickname: Youbuggin
Hometown: Hobart, IN
Favorite NFL Team: Indianapolis Colts
Favorite play in Madden: Tight doubles-slot corner. It's a versatile play, I like to motion the corner route out which needs to be usered to defend effectively. If that's getting boxed I'll flat route the tightend giving me a make shift screen with the Rb coming out of the backfield on a wheel. It's a quick hitting play that can attack both sides of the field.
How I got started: Madden is really the only game I've played consistently throughout the years. Left the ranked game scene about 4 years ago and started playing in more tournaments/cash games on gamersaloon which is where the top tier players are playing.
Favorite Part of competing: Getting to play against the highest level of competition.

Name: Frank Sardoni Jr.
Nickname: Stiff
Hometown: Roxbury, NJ
Favorite NFL Team: Chicago Bears
Favorite play in Madden: HB Wheel - Singleback Tight Slots, Too many "money" routes to contain in a single coverage.
How I got started: Bought my first Ebook over at "Maddendaily" (Greenbay Offense) Got put into a small tournament for buying the book and won. Ever since I have been competing competitivly in all Madden tournaments in New Jersey/New York/Online.
Favorite Part of competing: Playing on the main stage

Name: Michael Crandall
Nickname: Duke
Favorite NFL Team: Arizona Cardinals
Favorite play in Madden: This year it would have to be Verticals. It is easy and effective to run from many formations and you can have a lot of different setups with hot routes to attack different kinds of defenses.
How I got started: I started playing around 04/05 when I saw the Madden Challenge. I started playing the best competition out there and won a Madden Challenge myself. Then I started sportsgamerz.com to provide other Madden players with the best tips possible to help them become better players.
Favorite Part of competing: I'm just a competitive person so I enjoy competing in anything. But I love football so Madden is perfect for me.

Name: Lavar Gayle
Nickname: Mr. Hollywood
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Favorite NFL Team: New York Giants
Favorite play in Madden: 1-4-6 2 Man Under because it makes people work on offense and my opponent has to be really patient also it block sheds well against the run.
How I got started: I started playing madden when I was about 8 but just for fun but I was really competitive so it just made me want to be the best at the game I didn't start taking madden real serious until Madden 12.
Favorite Part of competing: My favorite part of competing is winning and to know that you outplayed your opponent.

Name: Shay Kivlen
Nickname: Young_kiv
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Favorite NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks
Favorite play in Madden: Four Verticals because u can beat every coverage from it including men to men.
How I got started: I've played a few maddens since I was younger but wasn't very committed to getting the game every year. Then I hurt my arm while playing baseball and wasn't able to play again so I got into madden and being competitive at it.
Favorite Part of competing: My favorite part of competing is when u spot someone 14.5 and win.

Name: Lionel Roberts
Nickname: Honey Badger/Imwild
Hometown: New Orleans
Favorite NFL Team: Rams
Favorite play in Madden: Divide it beats defenses
How I got started: A lot of local competition
Favorite Part of competing: Playing to win

Name: Mark Samuels Jr.
Nickname: Schemin
Hometown: Berkeley, California
Favorite NFL Team: Oakland Raiders
Favorite play in Madden: 146 cover 2 man
How I got started: Was referred to Gamer saloon after my College Basketball career.
Favorite Part of competing: The satisfaction of winning

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