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Madden Ultimate Team 17: Chemistry

Posted August 5th at 2:00pm.

Hey Madden Fans!

The time is finally here. After hearing about some of the other exciting features coming in Madden NFL 17, it's time to talk a little about MUT. So let's dive in and discuss one of the major features coming to Madden Ultimate Team on Xbox One and Playstation 4 - Chemistry.

Chemistry Again?

The term “Chemistry” is not a new one to Madden Ultimate Team but everything you once knew about it can be thrown out the window. So what is Chemistry now? Chemistry will replace Style in Madden NFL 17 and serve as a powerful way to build your MUT lineups. Player items have the opportunity to have a Chemistry (and possibly more than one) and when combined with other Player Items with the same Chemistry, will turn on attribute boosts.

But wait, how is this any better than what Style does now?

That question can be answered in multiple ways but let’s start with my favorite aspect – you will see EXACTLY what these boosts do to your Player's attributes.

Caption: The blue bars for Man and Zone coverage indicate that these ratings are being affected by a Chemistry

If you activate a Chemistry that boosts your team by +2 Block Shedding, each Item will update the players Block Shedding rating to reflect the new value. And if the boost from the Chemistry is enough to increment that player’s OVR rating, that will update as well (not to mention your Team Rating could be incremented as well!). 

Caption: The blue-colored OVR rating on Von Miller, T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib, and Chris Harris Jr. indicate that the Chemistry boosts were powerful enough to increase their OVR

No more guessing. No more assuming that a boost is affecting attributes. No more amazingly fantastical online theories to reverse-engineer how much boost is being received. It’s all right there in front of you. 

Caption: The back of a player's item will clearly display what ratings are being impacted by Chemistry

Another reason why we’re so excited about Chemistry that really separates it from anything we’ve ever done before is the flexibility this new system carries with it. Last year we were handcuffed to 8 Styles and each one of those Styles only affected two ratings. In Madden NFL 17, Chemistry quite literally has infinite possibilities. We will launch the game with a set amount of Chemistries but will continue to add new ones as the year progresses. 

Caption: You can easily insert players into your starting lineup who are contributing to a completed Chemistry by using the Lineup Tools

As for the Chemistries themselves, they too have more flexibility than ever before. Not only are we able to specify what ratings we want to affect but we can now define who receives the boosts. So for example if we wanted to create a Chemistry that only targeted and gave a ratings boost to wide receivers and running backs, we can. If we wanted to do one for the entire defensive line, we can. Even something as cool as targeting only players who play for the Buffalo Bills is in bounds. There’s a huge opportunity to make these Chemistries feel unique, exciting, and something that you’re really going to want in MUT ’17 and we can’t wait to explore those possibilities as we get closer to Madden NFL 17’s launch.

Chemistry 101

Since we kind of dove right in and immediately feasted on desert, let’s take a step back and talk about some of the nuts and bolts that go into creating a lineup with Chemistry. This might and should feel somewhat familiar to veteran MUT players but there are some differences in Madden NFL 17.

Let’s start with a hypothetical example. Madden Ultimate Team has a Chemistry called “The Route Tree”. This Chemistry will add +3 Route Running to your wide receivers and tight ends. To activate it, this Chemistry requires you to collect at least 5 Player Items with “The Route Tree” Chemistry icon. Once you have the players and want to turn this Chemistry on you need to do two things in the lineup screen – make these players your starters and play them in their designated position. Players who are playing out of position (I.E. a right tackle playing left tackle) will not count towards your Chemistry.

Here is the list of positions considered as “starters” towards Chemistry. Again backups, will not count:


  • QB1
  • HB1
  • FB1
  • WR1
  • WR2
  • WR3
  • TE1
  • LT1
  • LG1
  • C1
  • RG1
  • RT1


  • RE1
  • LE1
  • DT1
  • DT2
  • LOLB1
  • ROLB1
  • MLB1
  • MLB2
  • CB1
  • CB2
  • CB3
  • FS1
  • SS1


We know that with a big feature and change to Madden Ultimate Team such as Chemistry there are going to be plenty of questions. Some of them will be answered in the time leading up to Madden NFL 17’s launch but here are some answers now to some likely questions you’ll have…

Q. Can I activate more than one Chemistry at once?

A. Yes, in fact we are advocating that you experiment with multiple combinations of Chemistry. If one Chemistry requires 7 offensive players to activate and another requires 5, you can construct a lineup to turn on both of those Chemistries. Furthermore, if both Chemistries boost the same rating/attribute, the boosts stack on top of each other. So if one Chemistry adds +2 Agility and the other adds +3 Agility, the players affected by this Chemistry will have a +5 Agility boost.

Q. So do I pick what two Chemistries I want active just like I do with Style?

A. No, the concept of “choosing your Style/Chemistry” is removed. As soon as your active lineup meets the requirements to turn on a Chemistry, that Chemistry is automatically activated. So this means you can optimize a lineup around multiple Chemistries but since all Chemistries are not created equally, and will target different ratings and positional groups, the amount of players it takes to activate each Chemistry will vary. And remember, there will be many more than 8 Chemistries in Madden NFL 17 so you will always be incentivized to explore different lineup combinations. It’s very conceivable to envision a lineup with at least 4 Chemistries activated.

Q. How do I know what boosts a Chemistry has?

A. Player and Coach Items will have two new back pages that describe each Chemistry, what ratings are impacted, the requirements to activate, and which teammates are affected by the Chemistry. Additionally, there will also be a tab on the back of the Player Item that shows if that player is currently being boosted by another active Chemistry.

That’s all for now! We’ll be back soon with more information on Madden NFL 17. Stay tuned!

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