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Madden NFL 17 Roster Update : Week 5

Posted October 6th at 3:00pm.

Isaiah Crowell is up 5 points overall. Todd Gurley is heading in the other direction. Welcome to the NFL. The first four weeks are in the books and now things get real. Some things don't change. The Broncos still look like the best team in the league.  The Browns are 0-4. But we aren't without our surprises. The Rams are leading the NFC West. The Vikings lost their QB and star RB, yet they're 4-0, and the preseason favorite Arizona Cardinals, well, I guess we'll see. 

One thing you can always count on is Madden NFL 17 keeping things real, keeping the ratings in lockstep with all that is happening.   

The Browns offense continues to show a plethora of talent as Isaiah Crowell becomes the biggest mover of the week, moving up 5 OVR. Between Crowell and Pryor Jr the Madden Ratings have been giving Believeland a lot of offensive love this year. Now they just need to stop someone.

Jimmy Graham is looking like his old self and is back up in the 90's. Marvin Jones Jr. also moves up 2 OVR after showing he is the real number 1 in Detroit.  

Headed down this week are Robert Ayers Jr (-4 to 81) and Matt Stafford (-2 to 85). Also taking a dip is Todd Gurley, down 1 OVR to 84. 

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