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Top 5 Strong Safeties In Madden NFL 17

Posted July 31st at 11:00am.

Often times the tone setter for defenses, these strong safeties are hybrids between linebackers and coverage corners.

Here are the top-rated strong safeties in Madden NFL 17.

Jones is a new comer to the list and in a short period of time he has become the highest overall rated strong safety in Madden NFL 17. He has the speed to play coverage deep and the physicality to play in run support.

Chancellor will be best utilized in zone coverage where you can take advantage of all the new zone coverage options in Madden NFL 17. His hit power is among the highest in the league, most opponents will look to run their offense away from Chancellor as he can change the course of a game with one big hit.

Don't call it a comeback! Chung re-joined the Patriots last season and had a great one. Alongside FS Devon McCourty, Chung was able to roam free in the Patriots secondary and play all over the field to show off his ability to play man or zone coverage from the strong safety spot. Chung is one of the most versatile strong safeties in Madden NFL 17.

Ward is a stereotypical strong safety where he plays with physicality and high energy. Utilize him in the box towards the line of scrimmage to help in the run game.

Burnett has been playing at a high level for the Packers secondary and is one of the taller safeties in the game. He will be best used in zone coverage and matched up near opposing tight ends in the slot.

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