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Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Series: Player Sense 2.0

Posted July 17th at 12:00am.

Let’s continue to the defensive backfield and highlight improvements made within the secondary in Madden NFL 15.

Defenses are now smarter when it comes to going for a swat vs. an interception or a tackle. This improved logic will be broken down by individual player traits.

Zone coverage ratings now have a much bigger impact on how quickly defenders break on throws.

Defenders with higher ratings in Zone Coverage will react much quicker to throws, often times before the ball is thrown.

Improvements have also been made to zone defenders responsible for the flats.

Look for smarter principles, head tracking on all players, increases in press and chuck interactions between DBs and wide receivers, as well as improved pursuit and tackling abilities.

Man Coverage ratings have also been tweaked to impact how much separation receivers are able to get on cuts in their routes, resulting in improved behavior of the defensive backs.

Also new to Madden 15 is the addition of disguised defenses, where opposing secondaries will show you one coverage but give another.

Madden NFL 15 represents the most fun and engaging defensive gameplay in franchise history.

Pick up your copy on August 26th and experience it for yourself.