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Madden NFL 15 Feature Overview: Catch Variety and Pass Inaccuracy

Posted June 9th at 12:00am.

In the NFL, not all quarterbacks are created equal. The difference between the haves and have-nots in the NFL often comes down to who is under center.

That will also be the case in Madden NFL 15, as players will feel the accuracy of elite quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

In past versions of Madden NFL, any quarterback could consistently shred an opposing defense with accurate passes. But in Madden NFL 15, the quarterback accuracy rating (THA), situation, and scenario have never been more important.

QBs now throw a number of inaccurate passes determined by their accuracy ratings and pocket pressure, with the level of accuracy ranging from “very inaccurate” to “perfect.” As in the real NFL, there's a much higher chance of being inaccurate when under pressure.

When building your offensive strategy, be sure to consult your quarterback’s three accuracy ratings: THA Short, THA Mid and THP Deep. Accurate throwers like Philip Rivers and Drew Brees will be able to pinpoint their throws more effectively than less accurate quarterbacks like Geno Smith and Eli Manning.

The effectiveness of mobile quarterbacks has also been tuned to allow for greater ability to throw on the run. In previous version of Madden, throwing on the run came at a heavy cost. This year, players will have more ability to take advantage of their quarterback’s athleticism outside of the pocket.

New in Madden 15 is increased catch variety. Players will now see both wide receivers and defensive backs make efforts to go after inaccurate passes.

If you put too much air on a curl route, you’ll now see your receiver leap in an attempt to catch the overthrown ball, rather than just stand there and let the ball sail over his head.

These varied animations are available for both wideouts and defenders, so be sure to put the ball on target.

Players can now get more lead on precision passes downfield.

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