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Madden Ultimate Team Feature Overview: Sets

Posted July 28th at 4:35pm.

Of all the new features in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), the one that our veteran testers are most excited about is Sets.

We used to call Sets “Collections,” but that term confused new players that thought everything you own is your collection. When you add an Item to a Set, it actually leaves your Collection, so we decided to change the name.

Before we explain how the new system works, let’s review at the steps required to add an Item to a Collection in MUT 25.

1. Open a pack with a cool new Item you’ve been looking for to complete a collection
2. Select it and move it to your Current Roster (space permitting)
3. Tab over to the Current Roster tile, and find the new Item
4. Send it to Pending Collections (space permitting)
5. Tab over to Collections and find the right place for the new Item
6. Choose the empty slot and add (with a few more confirmations)

Now, let’s talk about how this same procedure works with sets in MUT 15.

1. Open a pack with a cool new Item you’ve been looking for to complete a collection
2. Select that Item to open the viewer, and choose Add to Set. Done

The single Item viewer now shows you the name of the Set you’re adding to, just to be sure. You can perform all of these tasks in New Items, the Item Binder, or even from your Lineup. Not only is the procedure easier, but it’s accessible from many more places in Madden Ultimate Team.


You can also view an individual Set to see a simple grid view of all the Items required to complete it. You can choose to add any eligible Item from your Collection, or perform a quick Auction House search for something specific.

We call this “pulling” an Item into your collection, whereas the other methods are “pushing” the Items. Either way, it’s easier and more intuitive than it used to be. You’ll also notice a “repeatable” icon in the set description shown. That means that once you complete this set to get its reward, you can start again and earn another reward.

Our feedback has shown that collecting Items is a popular feature for in, but only the most advanced players were able to go through the complicated process. In MUT 15, new and old players alike will enjoy completing Sets and share in the many rewards.

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