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Become a MUT Master

Posted August 12th at 4:54pm.

By Chuck Kallenbach, EA SPORTS Tiburon Game Designer

Now that you’ve started your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), it’s time to build an incredible lineup that fits your style of play. If you are new to MUT, you are probably wondering the best ways to build your team.

While some might look to simply complete Sets or put their best OVR players on the field, players can now try and become a MUT Master by collecting players, enhancing skills, upgrading key positions, and dominating on the gridiron.

MUT Master is a huge Set that takes weeks (months?) to complete. It involves winning every solo challenge for all 32 NFL teams, a group of style challenges, and even some Head-to-Head Seasons games.

Along the way, we will reward you with a special MUT Master Collectible to help track your journey to mastery.


The MUT Master Set relies on a new type of collectible: Badges. Like with other kinds of Items, there are four tiers of badges that increase in difficulty. Players can start receiving Badges in their very first steps as a MUT 15 player.


Badges can be earned by completing Sets and winning Solo Challenges. However, the best place to get Badges is in Head-to-Head Seasons. For those unfamiliar, Head-to-Head Seasons are 10-game online seasons organized into eight different levels of competition. Win enough games to climb the ladder to face tougher opponents and earn better rewards.

In addition to coins, Head-to-Head Seasons players receive special reward Packs for important milestones like making the playoffs, earning the bye, or winning the Super Bowl. These packs include badge rewards that you unlock the best content in Madden Ultimate Team.


Badges can be found in both the Auction House and Trade Block, where they can be upgraded and traded in a special category of Sets called the Vault.

In addition to the awesome rewards for the MUT Master set, players can use Badges to earn exclusive, premium content such as Premium Alternate Uniforms, Coin Packs, and Flashback Players!


The Marketplace is the new name for the main transactions hub in MUT 15. You’ll find the Store, Trade Block, and the all-new Auction House.

The Marketplace is organized like the all-new Item Binder, with filters on the left and sorts in the upper right. Each auction thumbnail shows the current bid and time remaining, and more details are available with the “View Item” option.


Marketplace also allows you to filter for items by program (like Badges) or text, which makes it easier than ever to navigate auctions.

With the new MUT Master Set, all Ultimate Team players now have a similar goal to aim for.

Start your MUT journey today and preorder Madden 15 Special Edition, which includes 30 MUT Pro Packs and a Draft Class Pack featuring 10 first-round picks from the 2014 NFL Draft.

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