Behind the Scenes at Madden NFL Summer Camp

Posted August 25th at 12:00am.

As part of celebrating Madden NFL 25, a season 25 years in the making, EA SPORTS enlisted Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson to go back to Summer Camp and relive their earliest days of playing Madden. Here’s an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of what happened on set.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson at the Rose Bowl before the shoot. Wilson’s competitiveness shined through as he made members of the EA SPORTS crew pair off and run routes to help him get loose.

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick threw the ball around after joining Wilson on set.

Plays were drawn up the old fashioned way with the crew.

Russell and Colin caught a quick break on set alongside EA’s Sandy Sandoval.

Kaep paid homage to the NFL Quarterback Club days.

EA’s Dustin Shekell is a big 49ers fan, so going over the plan with Kaep was a huge thrill.

The plan of attack.

Russell got his game face on.

Colin and Russell got their first crack at Madden NFL 25 in the Rose Bowl locker room. The guys played for an hour, video game man against video game man.

Even though the weights on Kaep’s back each weighed less than a pound, he mentioned how awkward it felt to have it strapped to his body.

Rise. Grind. Take five-step drops with a barbell on your back.

Will we see this jersey again in Super Bowl XLVIII?

Or will it be this one?

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