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Madden NFL 25 Pass Rush and Pass Blocking Deep Dive

Posted October 17th at 12:00am.

The Madden NFL 25 development team completely re-designed the pass-blocking system for Gen 4, and built the “War in the Trenches” from the ground up.

We’ve already gone into depth on the new Mike ID System, Post-Snap Targeting System, and the all-new Check and Release Purple Routes. Now let’s get into the finer points of pass block locomotion, pass block double teams, and the new pass rush animations in Madden NFL 25.

The Gen 4 consoles and EA SPORTS IGNITE provide a lot more animation memory than their predecessors, so the Madden NFL development team utilized this increased horsepower to provide proper footwork and pass-sets for each offensive blocker. Linemen will intelligently use correct footwork on each play as they process the location of their targets provided by the pre-snap targeting system. They are also aware of how deep the quarterback is supposed to drop back on each pass play. The depth of their sets will match up to each quarterback drop, from quick one-step drops to plays out of the Shotgun. Center and Guards will provide the depth of the pocket, while the tackles are responsible for the pocket’s width.

This logic is not just specific to the offensive line. When running backs and tight ends are included in the protection, they too will take the correct steps to properly block their targets. Better yet, the offensive line will be fully aware when extra blockers are involved in the play.

Since the offensive line is a single unit, all linemen must work together. Nothing shows an offensive line working together more than a double team. The dev team is extremely excited to address the community’s biggest legacy concerns and get this fundamental into Madden NFL 25.

Pass-blockers use all the information given to them through the targeting systems to decide when to double team. Blockers will know when to leave a double team in order to pick up a blitzer. Even running backs can get in on the action and will double team if there are no other defenders for them to target. Gone are the days of the “cheesy” Quarter defense 3-Man rush as a base defense – the 3-vs.-6-rush will no longer be a viable option for an entire defensive gameplan.

We didn’t just give all the love to the offensive line. We’ve also added well more than 300 new pass-rush animations to Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The ratings-based animations are sure to provide constant pressure on the QB, so you won’t feel so comfortable standing in the pocket too long or dropping back 15 yards to throw a curl route. 

Pass rushers now force QB’s to step up into the pocket and throw the ball on time – or pay the consequences. All of the new animation coverage, which also includes engaged interactions, really bring the physical nature of the trenches to life and make the offensive and defensive lines a real key to success just like in the NFL.

Click here to learn about the improvements made to the targeting systems in Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Madden NFL 25 is available Tuesday, November 12 on PlayStation 4 and Tuesday, November 19 on Xbox One. Preorder today, and learn more about Madden NFL on next gen. 

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