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Madden Ultimate League Week 7 Recap and Standings

Fresh faces, high scores, and a lot more from the first week of Elite Conference gameplay!

QB Changes Ignite Madden Gameplans

NFL free agency dealings can bring new gameplay to your favorite teams.

What to Watch For: Madden Ultimate League Week 7

Fresh faces take the stage as Elite Conference gameplay kicks off! Watch Skimbo, GOS, and more of your favorite Madden competitors.

Single Game Stat Leaders: Madden Ultimate League, Legend Conference

Take a look back at some single-game statistical highs from your favorite Legend Conference competitors.

Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor Give Browns New Dimension in Madden

The Cleveland Browns’ big moves lead to big gains in gameplay for Madden 18.

March 2018 Update - Madden NFL Mobile Deep Dive

Draft Tournaments comes to Madden NFL Mobile in our latest update.

Madden Ultimate League Week 6 Recap and Standings

It's the final week of regular season Legend Conference gameplay. Find out the playoff seedings and Wild Card matchups here!

JuJu’s #LebronToPittsburgh campaign reveals LeBron’s Madden ratings

Could LeBron bring some good JuJu to the Steel City?

What to Watch For: Madden Ultimate League Week 6

With potential bye weeks and playoff seeding to play for, nearly every competitor has something riding on Week 6.

Madden Ultimate League Week 5 Recap and Standings

Week 5 was packed with Legend Conference rematches from earlier in the season. Drini dug in and Dot City K-Aus floundered. Find out what else went down.

5 Things to Watch For: Madden Ultimate League Week 5

Who's hot and who's not? Find out what you won't want to miss in Week 5.

Madden Ultimate League Week 4 Recap and Standings

Check out a detailed recap some of the most exciting contests from Week 4 of the Madden 18 Ultimate League tournament.