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Drini Gjoka


Hometown: Washington, DC
Birthdate: 6/21/1999

Meet Drini

With his championship title at the 2018 Madden Challenge, the bandana-wearing Drini became the youngest competitor to ever take home an MCS Major belt. In his rookie season as an MCS competitor, he made two EA Major Live Event finals, including the 2018 Madden Bowl. Drini steamrolled through the Ultimate League with a 7-3 regular season record and faced off against Young Kiv in the final, falling just shy of his second MCS belt in one of the most exciting finishes in competitive Madden history. This season, there’s no doubt that Drini is out to prove he’s the best Madden competitor around.

“I will have a balanced attack on offense. I’ll try to keep my opponents on their toes by dotting on the pass game and by pounding the rock. On the defensive side I would say I have the best adjustments for the pass game”



  • Total Prize Winnings $120,000
  • Best Finish Madden 18 Challenge Champion

Finishes By Major (MCS18)

  • Classic 37th
  • Club 17th
  • Challenge 1st
  • Ultimate League 2nd

Drini's Playstyle

On offense, Drini is known to have a dominant power-run game. He's also an expert at User Lurk interceptions on defense, and led the Madden 18 Ultimate League with 24 picks.



New Orleans Saints
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Detroit Lions
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Drini + Bandana = Unstoppable Madden Force

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