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Endless Possibilities

There are countless squad combinations to create in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™. Dominate your opponents by combining veteran defenders, midfield maestros, and superstar strikers. Only on Xbox: add football Legends such as Roberto Carlos, Franz Beckenbauer, and Pelé to your squad. Build the team you’ve always dreamed of!

4-4-2? 4-3-3? In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™ you can express your opinion on the pitch. Assemble players in your formation of choice, have them play your way, and take them on the ultimate football journey.
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Prove Yourself

Do your talking on pitch! Take your squad and compete in the popular Seasons mode, weekly tournaments and challenges, and more. Prove to the world that YOU have the Ultimate Team™.

Already own FIFA 15 But haven’t started your Ultimate Team™? Start now with a free Starter Pack! Haven’t got your copy of FIFA 15 yet? Don’t miss out on the most popular sports franchise on the planet. FIFA 15– Feel the game.
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