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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team UEFA Champions League Items

Posted October 2nd at 10:00am.

The world's most prestigious club competition has been fully integrated across FIFA 19, and Ultimate Team is no exception. To celebrate the tournament's introduction to FUT, we've added a full set of UEFA Champions League Edition items to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

What are UEFA Champions League Edition items?

Every UEFA Champions League-eligible player who has been confirmed by their club or made an appearance for their club in this year's tournament will receive a UEFA Champions League Edition player item type with +1 to their overall rating (OVR) and each of the six main stat categories.

How can I get these players?

UEFA Champions League Edition items can only be found in special reward FUT packs, such as those received for completing Squad Building Challenges.

Once you have UEFA Champions League Edition items, you can add them to your squad and play matches with them, use them in SBCs or Objectives, or hold onto them for something later.

The items will be available during specific windows corresponding with the UEFA Champions League group stage.


These UEFA Champions League Edition items are not dynamic items. **