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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Online Match Modes

Posted October 12th at 12:00pm.

If you’re ready to take on the world with your FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) after improving your squad and playing the numerous single player modes, it might be time for you try your hand at FUT online. Some online match modes will meet you at your level, so you can ease your way into FUT multiplayer. But as you improve, so will your competition.

The modes available for online play in FUT are FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and FUT Online Draft.. As with the various single player match modes, you will be rewarded at the end of every match, but the quantity and quality of your reward is determined by the type of match and the result.

Division Rivals

Discover your place in the FUT community and take on players of a similar skill level from around the world in Division Rivals. In this brand-new mode for FUT 19, you'll compete against others in your Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards to choose from that can help you improve your squad. Every win in Division Rivals not only gets you closer to the next Division, it also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League.

Learn more about Division Rivals and how it fits into the FUT 19 ecosystem.

Ultimate Draft

Similar to the single player version except against other players, online Ultimate Draft requires an entry fee (FUT Coins or FIFA Points), and then you pick a FUT squad from scratch by drafting your choice of players. You’ll be presented with five players to choose from for each squad spot, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to build your squad.

You then take your Ultimate Draft squad through a four-match tournament in which the prizes get better the further you get in the competition. You’re guaranteed to receive prizes no matter when you exit, but the rewards get better with every win.

FUT Champions

The most competitive mode in FIFA 19, FUT Champions showcases the best FUT players from around the world (on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) in a weekly competition with staggering prizes and the chance to qualify for global FIFA events.

An overhauled FUT Champions qualification system awards you points in Division Rivals that can be used for qualification into the Weekend League. When you have earned enough points, you can redeem them to enter the current Weekend League, or hold onto them to use for future qualification, so you can decide which weekend you want to play in. Re-qualification to the Weekend League also works differently; each Weekend League win also earns points that can be used to enter into future Weekend Leagues.

Players who qualify for the Weekend League can play up to 30 matches during each competition, with the goal of climbing the leaderboards for the best rewards and, maybe, a shot at a FIFA eWorld Cup qualifying tournament.

Learn more about qualification, re-qualification, matchmaking and more in FUT Champions with our deep dive from the FIFA development team.



** Eligibility restrictions apply. Not all platforms are supported for qualification. See Official Rules for details. Final terms and structure subject to change. 

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