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5 Reasons to Watch Season 2 Regional Finals - FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series

Posted April 8th at 12:00am.

5 Reasons to Watch the Season 2 Regional Finals of the FIFA 2017 Ultimate Team Championship Series

The Season 2 Regional Finals of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series will kick off on April 21. After three fantastic Season 1 events in Paris, Sydney, and Miami, the Season 2 Regional Finals are set up to deliver great action from the world’s top FIFA competitors.

Here are five reasons why you can’t miss a moment of the upcoming Regional Finals.

1. Back-to-Back Action

The Rest of World and Americas Finals will occur on April 21 and April 22 in Vancouver, Canada. Having the two events back-to-back will make for a nail-biting weekend of FIFA competitive play as the competitors in each final fight for a berth to the Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin. 

2. Redemption Tour

A total of 24 competitors who participated in the Season 1 Regional Finals will be returning in the Season 2 events to give it their all once again. But will the experience gained in their respective tournaments provide an advantage to capture the silver or punch their ticket to Berlin? Some experienced competitors like Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing in Europe or John "xbLeU" Garcia in the Americas did not achieve the results expected from them the first time around, so they’ll be eager to find redemption in Season 2.

3. New Champions Will Be Crowned

Season 1 saw the crowning of three Regional Champions: Tassal "Tass" Rushan in Europe, Khalid “xX ThE RoYaL Xx” Aloufi in the Rest of World, and Rafael "Rafifa13" Salles Leite Fortes in the Americas. These competitors earned major bragging rights by being named the best in their regions and taking home a cash prize of $30,000 USD each.

Season 2 will see three new competitors engrave their names into the FIFA history books, claim the Regional Title, and earn their way to Berlin for a chance to proclaim themselves the best in the world. Who will seize the moment and climb to the top?

4. Thrilling Grand Finals

During Season 1, we witnessed fantastic gameplay and riveting matches. One of those was the exciting and improbable comeback win of Khalid “xX ThE RoYaL Xx” Aloufi over Abdulaziz "MrD0ne" Alshehri in the Rest of World grand final. If there’s one thing we learned from Season 1, it's that anything can happen and the match isn’t over until the referee blows the final whistle. In Season 2, we can expect more of the same dramatic endings where the difference between winning and losing is razor thin. 

5. Emergence of New Stars

In Season 1, we witnessed the surprising rise of a few FIFA competitors new to the scene. Making his live event debut, Shaun "xShellzz" Springette made quite an entrance when he reached the lower bracket final in the Season 1 European Regional Final and automatically qualified for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin.

With a large contingent of new competitors participating in the Season 2 events, it remains to be seen who will emerge from the darkness and step into the spotlight on the journey to Berlin.

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