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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ - Login Verification

Posted October 23rd at 11:15pm.

Use Login Verification for extra account security.

We provide a login verification option as an additional security step to help keep your account safe on select EA experiences, including your My Account page. 

This security measure helps to prevent log in to your EA Account from unrecognized devices without having both your password and your method of verification. You can choose to receive notification by phone or email. The login verification process creates temporary, numeric passcodes that we generate for you personally, and are necessary to log in to your account from any unrecognized device.

Turn on Login Verification

  1. Go to ea.com and log in.
  2. Click your username, then My Account.
  3. Select Security and find the Login Verification section.
  4. Click Turn On to activate Login Verification, verify your security question, and select Email, App Authenticator or Text message to receive your verification code.
    • If you choose the Email option rather than SMS, make sure your account email is a valid, working email address (one you check often).
    • App Authenticator lets you install an authenticator app to your tablet or phone to generate your login verification codes.
    • Choose your device-type from the pulldown menu and download Google Authenticator for Apple and Android devices and Authenticator for Windows devices.
    • PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 FIFA 15 players using App Authenticator for login verification will not receive a security challenge when logging in.
  5. You will now receive a code when attempting to log in from an unrecognized device. You will also receive a code every 90 days when logging in from trusted devices. This ensures that only you and your unique code are able to access your EA Account.

If you ever want to turn off Login Verification, return to the Account Management page and select Turn Off.*


  • *Do not turn off Login Verification if you play FIFA Ultimate Team or you will lose access to the game.
  • Make sure you also create or verify your secret question and answer for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Set up your app authenticator

An app authenticator is the fastest way to securely verify your identify. Set up an app authenticator on your mobile device to log in with a generated two-factor authentication code.

  1. Open the Security tab in your My Account page and find the Login Verification section.
  2. Click Turn On to activate Login Verification, verify your security question, choose App Authenticator, and then click Continue.
  3. Choose your phone type from the pulldown menu and use a barcode scanning app on the QR code, or search your device's app store for "authenticator," and install Google Authenticator on Android and iOS devices or Authenticator on Windows Phone.
  4. Open your authenticator app and choose to manually add an account.
  5. Scan the QR code or enter the secret key to link your app to your EA Account.
  6. Finish setting up your authenticator by entering your app's generated code found under Electronic Arts then clicking Turn on Login Verification.

When asked for a Login Verification code in future:

  1. Open your authenticator app.
  2. Enter the 6-digit code found under Electronic Arts.

Your generated codes last for a limited time. If the timer on your code is about to run out, wait for it to generate a new code to make sure you have enough time to enter it.

What if I don't have my phone or email handy when I need a code? Can I create backup codes?

If your phone, authenticator or email account fails, using backup codes is your only way to sign in to your EA Account from an unrecognized computer. Make sure you keep them in a safe and accessible place. You can view and renew these codes from the EA Account and Privacy settings in the Origin client or online.

  • Click Security, then View next to Backup Codes.*
  • You can also select Request a new code after logging in to FIFA Ultimate Team.

*If you run out of backup codes, you can generate more from the Account Management page.

Confirm your contact info to ensure your code works

If you are having trouble with your Login Verification code, make sure your email address, authenticator installation, or phone number is correct.

  • If you chose Email my code when you activated Login Verification, you can check and update your email by going to the About Me section on the EA Account Management page or through the Origin client
  • If you chose App Authenticator, you can use a barcode or QR code scanning app to find your code in between ?secret= and &.
  • If you chose Text message my code when you activated Login Verification, you can check and update your phone number by going to the Security section on the EA Account Management page or through the Origin client.
  • Create or verify your secret question and answer.

Once you verify your contact details, you can reactivate Login Verification to receive a new code.

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