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An update regarding Team of the Season

Posted May 1st at 5:00pm.

Today, we have two important things to update you on.

First, we’ve launched a new Play On web site that brings together a lot of good information about what’s happening with FUT these days. It’s a one-stop-shop for news, updates, and progress on how we’re working to ensure FIFA Ultimate Team is fair, fun, and secure for all fans. This blog, as well as past ones, are all there for you, so check it out, bookmark it, and let us know what you think.

Second, Team of the Season, one of the most exciting times of the year for FIFA Ultimate Team, is almost here.

But most of you know that we’ve been working hard to implement a lot of changes to FUT in the past several weeks to make the game fun and fair for everyone. It’s all about ensuring a level playing field for all FUT fans, especially during great events like Team of the Season (TOTS), and continuing our work to halt the negative effects of coin farmers and cheaters who hurt your FUT experience. Although we’ve seen significant improvement in limiting fraudulent coin exploits over the past few weeks, our work isn’t done here.  

So here’s the bottom line. We’re delaying the launch of TOTS until we can make some more important changes to ensure TOTS is the best it can be for you.  

Until TOTS, we’re going to be introducing brand new content starting next week to honour Player of the Year, club promotion, and relegation battle heroics amongst your favourite leagues.

We have another important fix that will be implemented in the coming weeks to tackle coin farming exploits within FUT. We are also increasing our banning of coin seller accounts that hold large balances of illegitimate coins. By making these important changes, we’re taking another big stride forward in our fight against cheaters and exploiters, and the millions of honest FUT players will have more chances to find and obtain TOTS in-form items on the Transfer Market when they become available.

Stay tuned for the kick-off for Team of the Season, and thanks for your continued support.


The FIFA Team

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