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FIFA 16 Soundtrack - Interview with Slaptop

Posted September 10th at 8:00am.

One of the artists featured on the FIFA 16 Soundtrack is the San Francisco-based DJ-Producer Slaptop. Fans of FIFA 15 should recognize the name, as his track “Sunrise” was featured on last year’s Soundtrack. In addition to his brand new song “Walls” being in FIFA 16Slaptop will also feature as the Audio Curator for this year’s Goals of the Week series.

We caught up with Slaptop before he hit the stage in New York City. We asked him about his interest in FIFA, his involvement in the game, and his music.

In the past, artists and bands featured on past FIFA games are also avid gamers. Are you much of a FIFA-player?

I used to be an avid FIFA player, but now I have trouble finding the time…but I do enjoy it! I can't say that I'm good but I am really passionate about it. I've been known to throw a controller every once in a while.

When you are playing FIFA, what are you playing?

I would say exclusively playing exhibition matches with friends.

Which team/club do you usually play with?

Um, tough one. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Manchester United.

Do you have a team you support?

I wouldn't say I'm a supporter of just one team, but I do like to watch when I can.

Your track “Sunrise” was featured in FIFA 15 with your latest song “Walls” included in FIFA 16. Being on an EA SPORTS™ Soundtrack two years in a row is extremely rare. How does it feel to feature in back-to-back Soundtracks?

It feels great. Super, super grateful to EA for doing that. It's obviously a great look for an artist and it is an excellent association to be a part of.

We often hear from gamers that they discover new artists and bands thanks to first hearing them in one of our titles, do you feel like this is true? 

Yeah, absolutely. I think particularly as a developing artist, I've gained a lot of new fans through FIFA. I get a lot of people who will come up to me at shows and say 'hey, I first discovered your music in FIFA.' or 'oh, I heard you in FIFA.' So yeah, totally, for a developing artist it's a huge hook.

With regards to "Walls", the track featured in FIFA 16, what are you hoping is the first thing people notice when they hear it?

Oh man! Well, it starts out with the chorus, so like any song, most people notice the chorus. I think it's pretty catchy; it's definitely a feel-good track. From there, it builds into more of an electronic drop that goes all over the place. However people receive it, I'll be happy.

In addition to having a song featured in FIFA 16, you’ll also be heavily involved in our weekly Goals of the Week series. Tell us a bit about your involvement.

I am the Audio Curator for the Goals of the Week series, which will involve providing the soundtrack each week. I am super excited about that, it's a new thing that you guys (EA) haven't done before. It's an awesome opportunity to reach a ton of people and curate a new experience week-to-week that will evolve. It will also be an opportunity to debut unreleased material, things I've been working on as it comes. I'm extremely excited about this opportunity.

Can we expect a mix of new and older songs, maybe some remixes?

All of the above. There definitely be some stuff that is already out, but I'm most excited about being able to put out some new tracks and give people a unique experience that they won't find anywhere else.

Changing gears, you recently performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago – what have been some of your favorite places to perform?

Well, it’s funny you say that as Chicago is actually one of them. I love playing there as it's the birthplace of House music, which is the sort of music that most influences my stuff. The people there are always great. I also have to rep my hometown, San Francisco. I love the city and playing there. I'm playing in New York tonight and I love being in New York. Everywhere is great, but those are my favorite places to play.

Anything else you’ve been working on that we should be on the lookout for?

Yeah, a bunch of new songs. They'll be coming out one after the other over the next couple of months. Super excited, I've been working with a lot of other vocalists, which is exciting and new as before I've done all the vocals. Looking to explore new sounds and keep evolving as a musician.

Check out “Walls,” Slaptop’s brand new song below and follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Soundcloud for more of his music.

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