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Top 10 Transferred Midfielders in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Posted January 1st at 12:00am.

Throughout the holidays, FIFA 14 will be highlighting interesting bits of information on players and clubs in the game. Today, we look at the top 10 transferred midfielders in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

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#10. Javi Martinez (Spain) – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)

The Spaniard Martinez is one of the mentally strongest players available in Ultimate Team. The 84-rated defensive midfielder possesses an 89 Aggression, 86 Interceptions, and 81 Vision. When coupled with his 86 Standing Tackle and 83 Short Passing, Martinez is a perfect player to have to prevent an oncoming attack and commence a quick counter.

#9. Fernandinho (Brazil) – Manchester City (Barclays Premier League)

Fernandinho, the recently signed midfielder for Man City, is the kind of player you want to help build your attack. His skills include 85 Short Passing, 84 Long Passing and 84 Ball Control. But, he’s also quite fast thanks to his 83 Acceleration, 83 Sprint Speed and 82 Reactions. With this Brazilian commanding the middle of the pitch, most defences will need to be quick-witted to stop him.

#8. Paulinho (Brazil) – Tottenham Hotspur (Barclays Premier League)

Another Brazilian on the list at number eight is Paulinho, who has one of the highest Stamina ratings. His 92 rating in that category means you’ll be able to depend on him for the entire 90 minutes without fear of fatigue. He’s also excellent in set-piece opportunities thanks to his 88 Jumping, 83 Ball Control and 81 Positioning.

#7. Hatem Ben Arfa (France) – Newcastle United (Barclays Premier League)

Don’t be fooled by the 79 Overall rating for Ben Arfa. Where he lacks in Tackling, he more than makes up for in his physical capabilities. His 88 Dribbling, 86 Agility, 85 Acceleration and 83 Ball Control make him a key factor for teams needing a right midfielder who can quickly streak the ball up the touchline.

#6. Blaise Matuidi (France) – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)

The Frenchman Matuidi is another player you can rely on for the full 90 minutes. His 91 Stamina ensures he’ll be dependable in the very important defensive midfielder role. He also commands that position thanks to his 88 Interceptions, 84 Aggression and 83 Reactions. While Matuidi might not be called upon to score goals for your Ultimate Team, you know it will be tough for your opposition to score on you.

#5. Kevin Mirallas (Belgium) – Everton (Barclays Premier League)

Speed is what makes this 26 year-old Belgium midfielder so popular. His 90 Acceleration and 86 Sprint Speed compliment his 87 Dribbling well. Those stats, coupled with 80s Ball Control, Crossing and Short Passing, make Mirallas a strong option on a counterattack with a striker streaking down the wings.

#4. Paul Pogba (France) – Juventus (Serie A)

Pogba is the third Frenchman on this list and he’s quickly becoming one of the most popular players in the world and a player most Ultimate Team squads love to have in their Starting XI. His 87 Strength makes him one of the tougher players to stop, and he’s also great on the attack with 86 Shot Power, 84 Short Passing, 83 Long Shots, 83 Ball Control and 82 Long Passing.

#3. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) – Chelsea (Barclays Premier League)

Although the 22-year old De Bruyne is still waiting to make his mark with Chelsea, Ultimate Team owners have already grown to depend on him. Part of the trendy Belgium National Team, De Bruyne is a great option to help commence an attack, thanks to his 85 Stamina, 83 Long Shots and 82s in Sprint Speed, Dribbling, Ball Control and Positioning. If he can command the top of the penalty area, defenders better be quick to react if they hope to stop what follows.

#2. Eljero Elia (Netherlands) – Werder Bremen (Bundesliga)

If you want your offense to play down the flanks, Elia is your best option on the left side. While his 76 Overall might not stand out for the casual player, once you learn of his physical skills, you’ll understand his popularity. The 26-year old has a 92 Acceleration and 91 Sprint Speed, which is incredibly beneficial on the counterattack. When you combine that with his 87 Dribbling and 85 Agility, you can be certain that oppositions will have a hard time stopping him and potential goal-scoring opportunities.

#1. Luiz Gustavo (Brazil) – VfL Wolfsburg (Bundesliga)

Topping the list of popular midfielders is Luiz Gustavo. The Wolfsburg defensive midfielder is 81 Overall and a fantastic choice for Ultimate Team squads needing a dependable player on the backline. His 88 Sliding Tackle and 87 Standing Tackle are further highlighted by his 88 Aggression and 85 Interceptions. Combine those fantastic ratings with his 85 Stamina, 83 Reactions and 80 Short Passing, and you can help build up your own attack and create a goal-scoring opportunity.

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